Session 49 Expanded

Session 49:
A Dominating Specter

16th Day of Readying CY 623

Location: Demi-planeWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Blue

After examining and collecting the items in the chest, the party discusses what their next step would be, deciding to continue on. Kolev moves to a nearby hallway, while the rest of the party prays or waits for him to examine the hallway. Kolev examines the door, believing to find the door lacking traps, to which the party follows him to the door and await him to open it. The party prepares to breach the door as Kolev throws the door open, to find a stairway down. In a moment of clarity, Caldin realizes that the party hadn’t examined a portion of the area behind them, while Master Gilnaeus notices a secret door, just off to the side of the door Kolev opened.

Kolev examines the door and believes there aren’t any traps, then opens the door to find a large closet with skeletons within it. Within Kolev notices one of the skeletons, a dwarf, clutching a small box, which appear to be glowing magically to those closely examining it. The party discusses what they wish to do with the box, which has an aura of necromancy. Kolev moves forward and examines the box, finding a trap and attempts to disarm it, but just before opening it he realizes that he was unable to disarm it and attempts to disarm it again, but ends up triggering it and ends up killing him, but Ghyffrey Aybara is able to reach him in time and bring him back to life.

After the excitement, Kolev is able to unlock the box which reveals 10,000 gp worth of diamonds, which is split between Ghyffrey Aybara and Entil-zha . The party then makes their way back to the room with the ramp, to examine the area behind it, which they had failed to notice before. In the corner of this area, Kolev finds a ruby colored keyhole. Gorruk moves to the door and examines for traps as the old man assists him. Master Gilnaeus examines the ruby, figuring that it is worth about 10,000 gp. On the way to that door, the party notices another door that they had not checked before and decide to look within for the key to the ruby door, instead of attempting to force the door open. Above the new door is writing in celestial, which says, “The Lower Sanctum”.

The party yet again prepares to breach the door and upon opening the door the party hears abysal chanting within, which ends and a humanoid voice says “The ritual is done” then fades away. Within this room, that appears to curve around are several workbenches, an altar and a podium with writing upon it. Kolev stealthily makes his way into the room and hears voices speaking in abysal, but is unable to understand what they are saying. The party prepares to make their way into the room and confront those within.

Kolev, but not the rest of the party, notices several humanoid figures, which don’t seem to notice him, rushing around the corner toward the doorway. While Kolev calls out an alert, while falling back and turning invisible, he notices that these individuals appear different than normal humans.

Entil-zha takes a moment to cast a spell, making the party, except Kolev , immune to lightning bolts, terrible remorse, and confusion while Ghyffrey Aybara moves forward just in front of the sorcerer Omen. The Master Gilnaeus casts haste on the party, again except for Kolev , and then turns himself invisible. The mighty Paladin Sir Bayard moves forward to just inside the door, taking a defensive stance, while the vicious Gnoll GorTakka moves forward to the nearest enemy and attacks one in front of him, but it appears that his mighty blow did not do as much as it normally should. The nimble fighter Caldin moves forward to just in front of the nearest table, waiting for the enemies to approach.

The robed figure that the GorTakka just notices appears to cast a spell on him to an unknown effect, which then moves forward and appears to affect Caldin as well. From an unknown location another spellcaster casts a spell on the mighty Sir Bayard , bathing him in flames, but leaving him otherwise unaffected. The half-orc monk Gorruk rushes around the corner is attack by Caldin, and then grapples Caldin.

The enemies move forward towards the doorway, attacking Gorruk. Kolev moves forward, over the table, to the robed figure, but is unable to make it more than 15 feet from it, so he moves toward the altar. Entil-zha moves into the room and notices that these creatures are vampires, then casts an empowered lightning bolt on the creatures. The oracle moves forward and casts searing light upon one of the vampire creatures, damages the greater a fair amount, then Omen II casts a fireball upon all of the creatures harming many of them. One of the creatures turned into a gaseous form as Omen II moves into the room as well, while Master Gilnaeus moves into the room and casts Undead to Death upon the creatures upon the party, killing all, except one, within the range.

Gortakka makes his way to the remaining creature, but stops with his attack, after the creature tells him to stop. The robed figure moves forward after creating a wall of stone in front of the door, then channels to heal his comrade. The creatures try to dominate Gorruk but are unable to do so, while Gorruk tries to grapple the nimble fighter and is able to continue to grapple him. The creatures continue to try and dominate Gorruk while the old man attempts to get near the robed figure, but is once again stopped by the robed figure’s resilient sphere (or so it seemed).

Entil-zha casts a disintegrate on the resilient sphere, but the ray goes right through where it should be, however he remembers that some undead clerics have anti-life spheres that block living creatures from closing on them. Omen II casts scorching ray upon the robed figure harming it for some damage, however it appears that some of it does not appear to go through. Master Gilnaeus moves forward and casts disintegration upon the robed figure doing an extensive amount of damage to it, but not disintegrating it.

Sir Bayard moves toward the robed figure and is hedged out as he gets closer, then lays his goodly smite upon him then turned his sword to holy and flaming. Gortakka swings on the paladin, hitting him twice with one mighty hit and one normal one, with one of the swings landing squarely in the paladin’s groin. Caldin tries to break the grapple; however he is unable to remove himself from the Gorruk ’s grasp.

The robed figure casts an invisibility purge upon the room, revealing Kolev , Entil-zha and two other female creatures, then channels to heal his comrades. The two female creatures try to dominate Kolev and Entil-zha, however only the Entil-zha is the only one able to resist the effect. Gorruk continues to grapple the mighty fighter, then punches the creature next to him, while that creature tries to dominate Gorruk, but is unable to dominate Gorruk.

Kolev moves towards Entil-zha and drops the sword on the ground after getting under him. Entil-zha moves towards the party surrounded by monsters and cast a magic circle against evil, but is unable to affect those dominated, however Ghyffrey Aybara, being stuck behind the wall, casts protection from evil on Gortakka through his greater status, and Gortakka is able to overcome the effect.

Omen II drops a fireball on the newly visible creatures as well as the robed creature, and then moves around a corner, while Entil-zha casts prismatic spray on several of the creatures as well as Sir Bayard and Gortakka. Gortakka turned to stone and struck with insanity, Sir Bayard is unaffected by a burst of fire, while the two female creatures are hit with bursts of acid, and the robed figure is turned to stone.

Sir Bayard steps towards the nearest female creature and smites the creature turning it to a gaseous cloud, while the other female creature casts web upon itself, being unable to see to do much else. Gorruk. continues to grapple with the nimbly fighter and the remaining creature tries to dominate Entil-zha, but is unable dominate them. The wizard then casts hideous laughter upon the nimble fighter, who immediately starts laughing, then moves to Kolev, who is able to overcome his domination.

Omen II casts a fireball upon the webbing, burning it away while Sir Bayard moves forward to the next female creature hitting it and turning it to gas like the others. Master Gilnaeus casts disintegration from his staff at the remaining creature, causing it to turn it to ashes. The gaseous creatures slowly fly away from the party and down through a vent.

The hound archon S49.2 and the oracle finally break down the wall that blocked the doorway, while the rest of the party gathers to help Gortakka and other party members. The party then gathers to try and figure out what to do about the robed statue and healing the party. The party decides to secure the room and rest here, in order to recuperate and prepare for the rest of the dungeon.

In two chests near the tables, the party fined crafting ingredients to create wands and alchemical objects. On the altars there appears to be several names written in blood, which Gorruk recalls as being names from the village he was going to protect from vampires. The group continues to examine the altars and boxes around the room without incidence.

The altars each have writing above them, naming them each uniquely.

1 – Not every evil can be driven out without reflection. He who will truly meditate on the wonders of the divine cannot simply stroll about as an ignoramus, he must seek guidance.

2 – Perfection is something unnatural and divine. It is natural and human that we suffer the wounds of failure, but divine that such wounds be cured. Indeed, perfection is to be cured of wounds, but for humans, it is imperfection never to have suffered.

3 – (main altar podium)
The true glory of new life does not appear until all evils have been purged. This fountain cleanses, because it destroys. He cannot be resurrected who has not first died. For in his death, the wicked things of life have been removed, so that in the resurrection, they are no more.
(activate other altars, will need a raise eventually)

4 – Recognize that you are not alone, and recognize that alone, you can do nothing. Indeed, you need not so much do as participate in the doing, of which you are but a part. And that in participating you might beseech to do your part, pray for one who does the entirety.

5 – Do not be deceived. Lies, spin, deceit, posturing, and politicking abound, but the truth is found in few words. Listen to many counselors that you may practice thinking on the truth, but critique opinions with a firm reliance on the truth.
(zone of truth)

6 – In the midst of uncertainty, the truth can be hard to find. Yet it is not we who, maintaining it, prevail with the truth. Rather, it is the truth which prevails to make us sure, faithful, and confident.
(shield of faith)

The next morning the party prepares for the day, and then moves around the room, casting the correct spells and saying the correct wording at each altar. Upon reaching the last, words appear above the fountain that a sacrifice must be paid in order to banish the evils from this place. Once Sir Bayard enters the fountain, the area darkens the life energy leaves Sir Bayard body, giving rise to spirits rising from the altars.S49.1

The party prepares for their encounter with these spirits. Caldin ignites a sunrod S49.3
then drops it on the ground before the altar, then moves back to the rest of the group. Gorruk the half-orc monk moves toward the closest spirit and prepares to grab it. Gortakka moves toward the nearest one as well and swings at it, but is unable to connect with it. The hound archon moves towards the spirit closest to him, but is unable to touch it to use lay on hands on it. Master Gilnaeus and Omen the Sorcerer casts magic missile on the creature nearest to the fountain damaging it for a moderate amount.

Ghyffrey Aybara the Oracle brings forth a spiritual ally on the farthest spirit then quickly channels positive energy to harm undead, killing the one nearest him. One ghost moves towards Master Gilnaeus and touch him, triggering his contingency spell, saving him with a mirror image. Another ghosts moves to Gorruk but is unable to touch him, however the next ghost is able to touch Gortakka , draining him of some of his life force.

Caldin moves and swings at one of the spirits, but misses as Gorruk swings at the spirit in front of him with a flurry of blows, but is only able to strike it twice and ends up dispatching it. Gortakka swings at the ghost in front of him, hitting it several times, managing to destroy it. The hound archon attempts to lay on hands the ghost in front of him again, but is unable to touch it.
Master Gilnaeus floats away from the ghost in front of him, then sends a volley of magic missiles at it. Omen II also sends a volley of magic missiles at the same ghosts. Onoma Ousia steps towards the ghosts and channels positive energy to harm them for a small amount of damage.

Ghyffrey Aybara steps towards the larger group of ghosts and channels energy to harm them, dealing a large amount of damage to them, while Kolev steps to one of those ghosts and attempts to kill them, but is unable to harm it. Entil-zha casts a volley of magic missiles, felling one of them. As the ghost disappears, several more of the specters show up from the altars as well.


Caldin steps forward and is able to connect and fell one of the spirits. The newly arrive spirits move forward and attach many of the party members, harming Gortakka and Caldin . Gorruk attacks one of the spirits, hitting several times, then backs away from it. The Gortakka steps up and attacks the spirits hitting several times dispatching two of them. Master Gilnaeus sends a volley of magic missiles next to Entil-zha then moves up next to him while Omen II sends the same to the spirit next to Kolev.

Onoma channels positive to harm the spirits for a minor amount, while Ghyffrey Aybara unleashes two channels to harm the spirits, destroying all of the spirits around him. Entil-zha casts a volley of magic missiles on the remaining spirit, while more spirits emerge from the altars and attack the party. Hitting Caldin and Gorruk , who decides to move fall back to the fountain with Gortakka.

Master Gilnaeus puts up a wall of force, blocking off of the altars along with the spirits, then casts a quickened haste on the majority of the party. Omen II lets loose another volley of_ magic missiles_ on the spirit nearest Kolev. Onoma uses yet another channel to harm spirits, as Ghyffrey Aybara does the same destroying two of the spirits and harming the other one greatly. Kolev turns invisible and readies himself near the altar while Entil-zha unleashes another volley of magic missiles at the remaining on the party’s side of the wall of force. The blood letters on each of the altars glowed as each wave of spirits emerges and as the next wave of spirits comes out, it would appear that the last names on the lists is glowing, perhaps the last of the spirits; however this time two spirits emerge from each of the altars.

Caldin quickly steps up and swings at one of the spirits and misses, then steps back behind Ghyffrey Aybara. Gorruk and Gortakka fall back to the middle of the party and prepare for this final assault. Omen II turns himself invisible then moves to the back wall hiding from the spirits. Master Gilnaeus moves backward and once again casts undead to death on the majority of the room managing to dispatch two of them. Onoma channels energy to harm the creatures harming several of the creatures for a minor amount. Ghyffrey Aybara steps back and channels positive energy to harm the creatures and destroys several of the spirits. A spirit reaches out and touches the half-orc monk draining it of the remainder of his life. Entil-zha drops down and touches Gortakka casting deathward on him.

Caldin swings at the spirit in front of him and hits it several times, harming it for a goodly amount. A spirit moves to Entil-zha and tries to touch him, provoking Gortakka to attack it and harm it, but the spirit misses. Gortakka swings and kills the spirit in front of him, then moves forward towards the remainder of the spirits. Master Gilnaeus and the sorcerer bide their time waiting for the creature to come forward while Onoma steps forward and channels energy to harm the spirits, dispelling one.

Ghyffrey Aybara steps forward and channels energy to harm them several times, killing nearly all spirits on the party’s side of the wall of force. Omen II drops a ball of fire on the spirits, hitting Gortakka and Onoma Ousia as well, harming them all for a decent amount, knocking Onoma Ousia down, however Ghyffrey Aybara uses a paladin sacrifice to take the damage for him. Master Gilnaeus casts mass resist energy cold on the party then casts an maximized sphere of cold, harming most all of the party and killing all the spirits.

The body of Gorruk wastes away and the spirit of him appear, and then Kolev rushes over to the spirit and swings at the spirit, harming it while Caldin springs over and hits the spirit with a mighty blow. Gortakka makes his way to the spirit as well hitting the spirit with a mighty blow as well and finally Ghyffrey Aybara reaches out and touches the spirit of Gorruk with a lay on hands, speaking the words for those recently dead, sending the spirit to the beyond.

The party discusses what to do next, with needing to raise Sir Bayard and heal the party of damage and negative levels. Ghyffrey Aybara moves to the fountain and casts raise dead upon Sir Bayard, bringing him back to life, causing the fountain to flow water again


as well as cause the area to have a goodly feel to the area. Ghyffrey Aybara and Entil-zha remove the negative levels of the party and heal Sir Bayard of one of his negative levels.

Master Gilnaeus reveals that the party is able to teleport out of and back into this room. The party decides to return to the City of Greyhawk in order to resupply and prepare to return, for some to cleanse this place once again and the others for more selfish reasons.

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Session 49 Expanded

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