Session 44 Expanded

Session 44:
The Found City

4th Day of Readying CY623

Location: The Suss ForestWorld Map
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The party wakes up in the morning, after fighting the beasts the previous day. Teva Taree goes and scouts the area, coming back reporting that he sees several dozen monsters in a nearby field. The humoculous yells and twitches before exploding, imbedding a fragment in Teva Taree ’s neck and his ape’s eye, killing them both instantly. The party sees a caster, much like the one in the arena of East Fair that casted spells, before disappearing. The party prepares themselves against the unknown adversaries that struck down the Ape man Teva Taree.

After the party finishes preparing themselves, they see a bright light and a loud clap above 25 feet above them, after their eyes adjust from the flash, they notice a set of ruins and a portal far away from them.

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Atop the stairs they hear someone calling out in ancient Suloisian twice. Xellos and Omen are able to some what understand what the individual is casting, summoning magic. Omen is able to understand fragments, which he understood to be a casting of variation of summon monster 9, and further extrapolated that the spell would take nearly a minute and a half for the caster to complete, and then something terrible would be summoned for a long while. With this knowledge the party makes their way towards the ruins and this quite powerful caster, before the mighty creature can be summoned.

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The party starts to make their way forward, as quickly as possible, as various monsters make their way towards their party through the dense undergrowth. Omen steps up, as a small group of monsters come within sight, casts fireball on them, only doing minor harm to them. Ses 44   r 1

Just after Omen cast, Ghyffrey Aybara, Jander, and GorTakka notice a monster emerge from a rift, much like a dimensional door spell, that looks similar to the ones that attacked the group the previous day. The group continues forward as the monsters and other beasts continue toward the group. The creature on the ruins casts another spell, just after it disappears, and another large creature, like the one that attacked the orcs and the party previously, glows in an outline of fire, which Xellos knows to be a fire shield.

Xellos hits one of the monsters with a magic missile, but is unable to overcome the other monster’s spell resistance. Omen casts another fireball, changing the element type to electricity, seeming to do a full amount of damage those within the radius. The party continues to move forward towards the ruins of the temple.

GorTakka rushes up to one of the monsters, hitting the nearest one, killing it with his mighty blow. As another monsters approaches him, he strikes it dealing a good amount of damage, but is bitten by the monster in the face and another hits him with a claw. Sir Bayard moves towards the next group of monsters, enhancing his blade as he reaches them. Jander unleashes a volley of arrows at the caster on the ruins, seeming to strike it twice, but the arrows strike a barrier of some sort, just in front of the caster, leaving her unharmed.

The Brinewitch casts dispel on Sir Bayard and is unable to dispel some of his more powerful spells, but is able to dispel his fly spell, causing him to gently float to the ground, right next to a set of monsters. Xellos casts a wall of fire, changing the element type to electricity, blocking most of the monsters as well as harming them, but cuts Sir Bayard off from the rest of the party. Ghyffrey Aybara comes just above Gortakka, casting cure moderate wounds on him. Omen manages effect the chaos monsters with an oppressive boredom spell.

GorTakka lays into one of the monsters, killing one as he lays into the next monster next to him, ripping that monster apart. Half the chaos creatures move through the wall of lightning, taking damage as they move through it towards Gortakka. The rest near the wall, swarm around Sir Bayard, swinging and missing him. Sir Bayard turns away from the chaos monsters, continuing on towards the ruins. Jander unleashes a volley on the nearest Large Chaos creature, blasting the monster in the chest twice, in the leg as it fell to its knees, then finally kills the beast with a well placed shot in the groin. An invisible foe blasts Xellos with a lightning bolt, however Xellos is able to avoid some of the damage, through his lightning reflexes.

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Xellos, after taking the lightning damage, he turns himself invisible and moves away from where he once was. Ghyffrey Aybara casts resist energy acid on GorTakka, then channels positive energy to heal GorTakka. Omen casts a lightning ball on the chaos monsters in front of the ruins, the same ones blocking Sir Bayard from entering the ruins. Kolev moves next to Omen, preparing to dimensional door. The Brinewitch continues to cast spells, while the Chaos monsters move in to surround GorTakka , but GorTakka delayed attacking any of them until after they all closed in on him, unleashing his fury on them after they swung on him, dropping two in the process.

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Jander unleashes another volley, this time aiming at the Chaos monsters that are barring Sir Bayard from his path to the ruins; this kills one and damaging others. An invisible Brinewitch hits the invisible Xellos with a set of magic missiles, knocking Xellos unconscious. Ghyffrey Aybara , feeling Xellos going down, moves to be over the unconscious Xellos, channeling to heal him, bringing him back from the brink. Kolev moves forward with great speed, despite the undergrowth. Omen casts another lightning ball on the Chaos monsters in front of the ruins, though all of them seemed to avoid much of the damage. Dvorkin Darkmetal moves up next to Sir Bayard, touching his weapon, granting it more damage on attacks.

The Chaos creatures move forward towards Sir Bayard and Dvorkin Darkmetal. The Chaos monsters around GorTakka continue to swing on him, with one of them biting him. GorTakka swings on those around him, slaying three, tearing one apart and slicing another’s arm off. Jander continues to unleash volleys on the Chaos monsters, severing the first monster’s arm in a geyser of blood. Jander’s volley takes out two more monsters. Sir Bayard drinks a potion of displacement and calls out a smite on the Large Chaos creature in the ruins. The invisible Brinewitch casts several scorching rays on Ghyffrey Aybara, damaging him slightly. Xellos, throws a fireball in the area he thought it was at, but misses and is unable to overcome its spell resistance, he then runs away from where he was. Ghyffrey Aybara heals himself, then summons a spiritual weapon on the Large Chaos creature, but it is unable to strike the Large Chaos creature.

Omen , seeing several spells cast from an invisible attacker and due to the fact that his master turned invisible and runs off, casts see invisibility on himself. Kolev moves over to the nearest Chaos monster and attacks, but misses. Dvorkin Darkmetal moves himself and Sir Bayard to just in front of the Large Chaos creature in the ruins, after which Sir Bayard attacks the Large Chaos creature.

The Chaos monsters move behind Dvorkin Darkmetal and Sir Bayard and attack,

Ses 44   r 5

but are unable to damage either of them. GorTakka attacks the last two Chaos monsters next to him, cutting the head off one of them and rends the other apart. Jander takes aim at the Chaos monsters behind Sir Bayard, dropping one, but tripping before he could fire more than a few arrows. Sir Bayard attacks the Large Chaos creature, striking a mighty blow to its head, but misses with the rest of his attacks.

The invisible Brinewitch casts a spell at Jander, however the thin green ray hits just in front of him. Xellos moves up towards the ruins and casts a targeted dispel on the Large Chaos creature, managing to dispel one of the spells on it. Ghyffrey Aybara ’s spiritual weapon misses the Large Chaos creature, while Ghyffrey Aybara moves up next to Xellos. Kolev moves back to stand beside Omen, while Omen casts a lightning ball on the remaining Chaos monsters just outside the ruins killing one and damaging the rest.

Dvorkin Darkmetal casts sanctuary on himself, so he could heal with less risk of being attacked. The Brinewitch in the ruins continues her incantation, while the Chaos monsters in the open move towards Omen and Kolev and the two remaining Chaos monsters near the ruins attack Dvorkin Darkmetal, missing him barely, and Sir Bayard hitting him twice, however one of the attacks veers towards a false appearance, due to displacement. GorTakka moves forward towards the Chaos monsters in the open. The Large Chaos creature envokes one of its monstrous powers, healing itself of some damage, while Sir Bayard takes the opportunity to swing on the creature, hitting it for a fair amount of damage. Jander stands up and unleashes yet another volley of arrows at the Large Chaos creature. Sir Bayard attacks the creature ripping the creature’s spine out with a mighty blow. After defeating the Large Chaos creature, he turns to the smaller ones behind him, striking the nearest one twice.

The invisible Brinewitch uses his bonded item to recall one of his spells, disintegrate, which he casts on Jander, this time hitting him for a massive amount of damage, but not enough to turn him to dust. Xellos creates two balls of lightning under the feet of the Chaos monster, harming one while the other is able to avoid some of the damage. Ghyffrey Aybara flys down behind the Chaos monster in front of Sir Bayard, smashing it with his shield, killing it. An amphibian monster hiding behind one of the walls fires three negative energy blasts from its eyes, striking Sir Bayard three times, while one opposite the first monster does the same to Dvorkin Darkmetal , striking him three times as well.

Omen grabs Kolev and dimension doors both of them to just in front of the Brinewitch that is summoning. Upon reaching the top, the two notices that the Brinewitch has resilient sphere in place around them, but only after they trigger a contingency spell, hitting both with a shimmering spray. Omen is struck with a blue ray, turning him to stone. Kolev is struck with an indigo ray, causing him to go insane. Kolev, having a moment of sanity, is able to strike at the Brinewitch, his first hit triggers its stone skin contingency and his other attacks only does minor harm to it. Dvorkin Darkmetal grabs Sir Bayard and dimension doors into the sphere with the Brinewitch next to the statue of Omen and the insane Kolev .

GorTakka swings at the Chaos monsters, killing one. Sir Bayard strikes at the Brinewitch, hitting several times for large amounts of damage, but triggering another contingency spell, healing her for several points of damage but also causing her to lose concentration on the spell. Jander peers up at where the invisible Brinewitch was at, then fires two arrows at it, but misses it. The Brinewitch fires back with several magic missiles, striking him dead. Xellos creates another wall of electricity at the mouth of the ruins, killing the remaining two Chaos monsters in front of the ruins.

Ghyffrey Aybara moves up into the air and channels to heal himself and Xellos. The two amphibian monsters move into the entryway of the ruins. Kolev punches himself in the face with the pummel of his sword in his confusion. The Brinewitch casts imprisonment on Sir Bayard, however the stalwart paladin manages to resist the effects. The Chaos monsters attack GorTakka, but barely manage to harm him. Following the Chaos monsters’ attack on him, GorTakka is able to rend one apart and harms another.

Sir Bayard touches himself, healing himself of some of his damage, then attacks the Brinewitch hitting her twice and killing her. Upon Sir Bayard slaying the Brinewitch, the two amphibious monsters disappear. The other Brinewitch disappears with Jander’s body.

The party heals and restrains Kolev until he’s no longer acting crazy. The party then gathers the monster’s body and searches the area, finding treasure and other items.

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Session 44 Expanded

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