Session 41 Expanded

Session 41:
A Deadly Challenge

21st – 28th Day of Fireseek CY623

Location: EastfairWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Blue

The heroes are drinking and carousing at the The Dancing Horse inn. GorTakka the Gnoll guardsman is trying to bond with new his teammates. He sizes up the boasting Xellos and dares him to cast a spell to break through armor as the small Halfling claims.

Xellos casts his spell and hits a patron of the bar but fails to sunder the man’s armor. The offended patron calls Xellos to a duel outside. Xellos unable to cast spells in the city (without the guard’s approval) has the Gnoll be his champion. GorTakka takes this opportunity to introduce the offended patron to his spiked mail fist and invites the poor stranger to a stay at the city’s jail for attempting to strike an officer of the guard.

Everyone spends the next couple of days before the competition crafting, praying and drinking until the first day of the tournament comes. The heroes draw the shortest straw, so they are to be going first and have the most difficult obstacle of the day. It is to be what is called a “staggered match” where the heroes are teleported into the arena only two at a time.

The first to be teleported into the arena are GorTakka the Gnoll and Dvorkin Darkmetal the Dwarf. They teleport in and they are met by two ettins and fire giant. GorTakka teleports right next to an ettin and with a critical blow followed by another hit from his flail slays one of the ettins before it could even act. The other ettin closes on GorTakka and badly misses while the fire giant closes on Dvorkin Darkmetal and slashes into him with his flaming sword.

Dvorkin Darkmetal slashes the fire giant back with his axe. Sir Bayard and Koloth teleport in as GorTakka finishes the other ettin. Sir Bayard helps out Dvorkin Darkmetal with the fire giant while the fire giant continues to pound on the Dvorkin Darkmetal because of the racial hatred the two have for the other. Dvorkin Darkmetal channels positive energy to heal.

Next to enter into the fray are two more fire giants and another ettin. GorTakka continues to attack anything next to him and tears into a fire giant while Koloth moves up to assist. The fire giant lays into Koloth and Gortakka. Dvorkin Darkmetal channels again. GorTakka in a bloody rage slays one of the fire giants.

Then enter Kolev and Omen. Omen casts haste on his master while Kolev attacks the fire giant that Sir Bayard has engaged turning invisible and slashing away with a wakashashi.

The other fire giant critically injures GorTakka swinging his sword in a wide arc and connecting with the Gnoll’s neck nearly taking it off. Koloth channels and Dvorkin Darkmetal casts a cure spell to heal the Gnoll warrior.

Then into the fray enters an enlarged fire giant. GorTakka who was severely injured is now healed enough to fight back at the fire giant that nearly decapitated him. The enlarged fire giant critically fails his opening attack on charmed Omen as the enlarged giant drops his weapon. His master Kolev slashes some more and another fire giant falls.

Sir Bayard attacks an ettin and slashes away as GorTakka misses the fire giant he has been fighting as the fire giant fights back and slashes again him badly. Koloth continues to heal GorTakka as GorTakka finally finishes the troublesome fire giant and another ettin as well for good measure.

Jander and Ghyffrey Aybara teleport in and Jander volleys launches many arrows into the enlarged giant. The enlarged fire giant returns the favor slashing into Jander. Ghyffrey’s presence is felt immediately as he sees the bodies on the ground and fires off two quickened channels of positive energy healing everyone to full health except the bleeding GorTakka still heavily wounded.

Kolev finishes the last ettin leaving only the enlarged fire giant to fight on the battlefield. Sir Bayard rushes to attack but is hit by the giants tremendous reach. Sir Bayard fights through the crushing blow and slashes at the giant. Koloth yet another cure spell on GorTakka and Dvorkin Darkmetal helps out by teleporting over and casting shield of faith on him as well. GorTakka now one again healed and protected steps up to the enlarged giant and critically hits him.

The enraged giant strikes back by cleaving into the Gnoll who is now once again severely injured. The Gnoll is barely standing as Ghyffrey Aybara steps up to heal GorTakka and incurs an attack by the enlarged giant and is struck but still manages to heal the Gnoll. Xellos continues to attack the giant and finally smites him.

Then it was Xellos to teleport in last. A small unimposing figure amongst the pile of dead giant bodies comes in as the battle is now finished and the crowd goes wild.

The heroes spend the night relaxing, drinking and whoring. The next morning they have a day of rest as they attend as spectators at the coliseum. They watch as some teams prevail as other fall to the onslaught of the monsters of the arena.

Arena   r1 overview 1

Arena   r1 overview 1.2

Arena   r1 overview 1.3

During the last match of the day all Hell breaks out (literally) as demons appear out of thin air and begin to attack the crowd. Someone or something dispels the magical force field surrounding around the arena as the cowardly mercenaries no longer bound to the confines of the arena teleport away after a storm giant kills one of them with a lightning bolt. The two behirs that accompanied the giant also no longer confined to the arena spew lightning from their terrible maws killing dozens of people at random in the crowd.

Sir Bayard turns to the closest demon and declares a smite and asks the mayor (his future father in law) to save himself. However instead of fleeing the mayor draws his weapon saying that he would not be moved by these foul monsters.

A foul witch casts a fireball in the crowd killing many

Arena combat   r2

Arena combat   r2.1

Koloth fires off a holy smite at the witch damaging it and another demon as well as many bystanders surrounding her. Ghyffrey Aybara channels positive energy, Dvorkin Darkmetal casts magic circle vs evil as Sir Bayard critically strikes the demon that attacked the mayor slicing off its arm. The behirs now climb out of the arena and begin to trample the spectators in the crowd.

Arena combat   r2.2

Arena combat   r3.1

The demon blasts Sir Bayard with negative energy from its eyes before teleporting away. Xellos possesses the storm giant and goes to attack one of the behirs attacking the crowd. One of the behirs strikes the storm giant. The witch fires an intensified lightning bolt severly wounding Sir Bayard and Ghyffrey Aybara uses two quickened channels healing him and everyone around except the demons and monsters.

Koloth teleports over to the brine with and attempts to use a slay spell but it fizzles as it does not break through the witch’s spell resistance and she teleports away.

Omen fires a scorching ray at a demon as Xellos still possessing the storm giant’s body slays a behir. GorTakka slays a demon. Koloth teleports again and hits a demon with his mace. The other behir goes to attack the possessed storm giant as Xellos critically strikes it taking one of the beast’s legs. The behir slashes and bites the giant in response. The mayor fires off several magic missiles hitting the storm giant and the behir. Xellos as the storm giant slays the behir as the last demon teleports away.

Arena combat   final

Everyone stands awestruck looking at the carnage all around wondering what exactly just happened.

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Mo cheader 1   next a small.

Session 41 Expanded

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