Session 40 Expanded

Session 40:
A Flicker of Light

20th Day of Fireseek CY623

Location: EastfairWorld Map
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It is winter. The Flaness fared poorly as disasterous events occurred on the night of the eclipse. A Volcano erupted in the Barrierpeaks causing an earthquake that destroyed Desolace. Chathold fared even worse as demonic beings burst free from the townsfolk and murdered townsfolk with abandon.

In Eastfair a band of heroes are gathering. Here they are having an annual competition of arms. The Dancing Horse is the local bar and inn. The heroes one by one make their way there.

First there was Sir Bayard. Human paladin of Heronius. On a mission sent by the leaders of his order to acertain what really happened in Chathold. He arranges for the best room and VIP treatment at The Dancing Horse. He tips generously and is a bit put off at the house specialty of horse sausage and horse steak. He orders expensive Elven wine and does not touch the horse meat.

Next was Kolev, a mysterious human. He is elderly and the old man fashions himself as an exterminator of sorts and has offered his services up to those that have “a rat problem”. He travels with his sorcerer companion, Omen. After pestering others trying to find work the guards direct him to the Dancing Horse where in the morning he could if he wanted get a license from the magistrate to work in the city.

Then enters Xellos the halfling wizard; a cheerful little fellow that was promptly seized by the guards the moment that he teleported into the city. After being manacled and brought to the magistrate to pay a hefty fine of gold for unauthorized magic use in the city he too made it to the Dancing Horse to sign up for the competition.

The next to arrive was Ghyffrey Aybara; a human Oracle and Paladin of Nola, who arrived with a caravan. He walks with a severe limp and has the desire to help the orphaned children of the city. He gives them money so that they can buy food. He and Sir Bayard meet and share drinks.

On another caravan arrives Koloth; a grizzled Dwarven cleric and paladin of Muamman Duathal. He has no desire to enter the “stonebrained” competition and after getting a room at the inn he sits himself at the bar to drink. He meets up with the only other Dwarves in the bar, hopefuls in this year’s competition, to talk about competitions in the years prior and and to share a drink with his own kind.

All gathered in the bar where a motley crew of all sorts of warriors and adventurers awaited an official declaration about this year’s competition. In comes the mayor and with dramatic affect with an enchanted hammer he posted the rules of these years tourney.


The tournament is to be to the death. It is to be a teamed event with no more than 9 persons to the team. The entry fee is 4000 gold crowns to enter. It is quickly rumored that the great Drakesidian, a mighty black dragon will be an obstacle to overcome in the event.

There are many exclamations of despair, cheer and disgust as people rush to try to find the right mercenaries to join their team as well as try to find a way to fund the very hefty entrance fee.

There are a number of wealthy nobles that are sponsoring contestants for a portion of the prize money. Sir Bayard hosts a party in his VIP room to meet with potential applicants for his team. With the backing of his noble he very generously offers to pay 2600 of the 4000 gold crown entry fee for 1/9 portion of the reward and a request to return the portion of the entry fee when/if his team wins. He interviews many applicants and chooses the heroes to be among his team.

Even Koloth who went to the party just to get some free food and drink was interviewed and signed on. He figured if any of this motley crew had a snowball’s chance in Hell to come out of this “fool’s errand” alive that they would need his help. Perhaps this was a sign from the Watcher over Wanderers that he was right where he is supposed to be and these are the people that he was supposed to help.

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Session 40 Expanded

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