Session 35 Expanded

Session 35:

20th – 22nd Day of Flocktime CY 622

Location: DesolaceWorld Map
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The army of red dragon Moltantaticous continued to assault the outpost of Desolace, striking the fort from all sides. Near the entrance, fire giants and goblinoids poised to put the finishing blows on Luthianis. A group of duergar had assaulted the chapel from underground and only a few heroes, with a small remnant of dwarves remained to hold them off. At the other end of the battlefield, a sigh of relief was finally felt over the fact that the magma dragons had been slain, though at great cost. The ominous wave of bugbears climbing ladders to enter from the undefended wall seemed like the last dire threat that would have to be controlled in order to gain the eventual victory.
The heroes managed to rescue the fallen cleric from her plight after the wizard Dracioletto Machiovella conjured a stone wall between her and a hulking fire giant. The giants, however, wiped the barbarian allies from the battlefield rapidly thereafter. Sir Aegon fought off many fire giants while Tervine and Luthianis tried to keep death away. Ossobucco kept lobbing chemicals at the enemies, and a vigilant hound archon did battle with goblinoids.
Things turned out to be less peaceful than they seemed on the other side of the battle. From the skies more dragons flew in breathing fire and spreading destruction. Most of the allied centaurs and archers dropped like flies, but a steady stream of arrows and magic made the dragons pay for their mischief. The heroic leader of the centaurs, Xavius, refused to fall and fought on, even while surrounded by many foes.
Meanwhile, the duergar disappeared completely and left the chapel as relative sanctuary. The dwarves could not find them, and a concealed Kagan was unable to locate them using magical means. The orc barbarian,
Tar Bolen Tar bolen 2 who had fought with them decided to try to jump the wall created by the wizard to confront the giants. Eventually, the dwarves joined in the foray.
True to form, the duergar had backtracked out the opening they created and were stealthily climbing over the fort’s walls, invisible to normal sight. As the bugbears entered over the walls, a well-timed fireball scattered a whole group of them. Afterwards, Sir Sicarius and Torag were busy dispatching the enemy bugbears who had come over, but then the duergar attacked from the opposite side of the fort. They surrounded and defeated Xavius and began taking shots at Ossobucco.
The battlefield had more surprises for the heroes. A group of kobold sappers suddenly took down another wall, through which a trained force of kobolds assaulted into the fort. Among them were bowmanship and magic exceeding the norm for their kind, as would soon be witnessed.

Likewise, more evil-minded fire giants came along—among them a great chieftain. He would put the martial talents of Sir Aegon and Tar Bolen to the test. Even after the hubbub of walls crashing and bodies moving, nobody was ready when a college of kobold magic-users in unison began casting spells that rained stone down onto the ground. There was nowhere to run and the damage was more than a nuisance. The stones were taking down both friends and foes as they crashed to the ground. But equally frightening was the shock of seeing a sky full of arrows coming from the kobold archers who with great skill punished the nearby defenders. Then the fire giants seemed to have their moment, because the chieftain proved a heavily armed and armored foe, and little could be done because so many foes enclosed the heroes around him. But even then, the greatsword of one broke, and the party kept from giving way.
More friends died, more kobold magic, more valiant efforts in the defense led to new hope, and finally the last dragon was slain—we thought. Then the fire giant chieftain crashed to the ground, slain. All that remained was defeat the entourage of kobolds, who had done more than their fair share of harm, and a subdue a lone remaining duergar. The party turned their attention to these foes and seemed to be gaining the upper hand. But a huge shadow crossed the ground and fear crept up, unrelenting, into almost everyone’s heart. It was the dragon himself— Moltantaticous!

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The party at last gave way and broke. Though not everyone’s heart surrendered, Sir Aegon parlayed with the Dragon as the party scattered, and in the distance the blare of horns was heard. The huge dragon chased down the orc, Tar Bolen and carried him high into the air before mercilessly dropping him like an anvil from the sky.
Tar bolen 3
As it turned out a company of knights and soldiers had fought with more fire giants not far from Desolace. They entered the fort and the dragon was nowhere to be found, for he did not return after having his fun with the unlucky orc. Instead much of the party regrouped, but alas, Ossobucco had been slain beneath the precise attacks of the Stone Call spells cast by the kobold mages. All the defenders we had met, with the exception of one dwarf, had been slain. At least the fort still stood and now that the knights, who turned out to be Heironeans led by Lord Vanian, provided military aid, the party could regroup and take heart that their efforts were not in vain.

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Session 35 Expanded

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