Session 34 Extended

16th – 20th day of Flocktime CY 622

The party researches and prepares for the anticipated battle with the dragon. Dracioletto Machiovella, Kagan the Jeweler, Ossobucco, and Sir Aegon Baratheon discuss the strategy that would be used to complete the mission and decide to shore up their numbers, by getting other willing partners to assist with the fight. After some discussion, the party comes to the decision that the dragon must be killed, in order to prevent the dragon, Moltantaticous from either hunting the party down or following the party to The Free City of Greyhawk and killing many innocent people.

The party interviews many various peoples, from an orc to a strange tribal person and several others that the party decides to bring along. The next morning the party, along with the newest additions meet in the inn and start to plan for what the party needed to buy or create before leaving. The party then spends the next week preparing the things that were decided they would need for the upcoming adventure, and in Muca Xarat’s case, various acts of chicanery and tom foolery. The night before the party leaves, they decide to have a banquet, a possible last meal for some. The next morning, after feeling rejuvenated after the incredible meal and comradely of the meal the previous evening, the party follows Luthianis to the temple and the party is teleported to Desolace.

After teleporting, the party arrives in the middle of a battle with dragons, goblins, fire mephits and fire giants.D d session 35r1
The party is welcomed by the centaur that the party was to report to, who is missing both his eyes. The party launches in to help those defending the structure and the battle continues to ensue D d session 35   r 3.2

During the nearly overwhelming forces, Luthianis was struck down, but was brought back by Tervine with a breath of life scroll. And the battle continues on as a few more waves of enemies come over the walls.
D d session 35   r 4.0

Will our heroes Survive?

Session 34 Extended

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