Session 33 Expanded

Session 33:
Prophecy Confirmed

13th day of Ready’reat CY 621 – 16th day of Flocktime CY 622

Location: The Free City of GreyhawkWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Green

The Ice Devil and the party, except for Rathan and Durass Brawnanvil , are teleported into a room in the temple of Orcus. Continuing the fight, the party tries to exit the temple, without the ice devil following. Just as the party was at their greatest moment of need, Drexella and Sir Aegon arrive and help to dispatch the Ice Devil. The party returns the soul gem to Drexella, who quickly exits the temple. The next day, the party arrives at her hut, and she explains that creating the amulets would take six months. The party discusses what they would do in that time. They decide to wait in her hut for the time required to construct the amulets. The party decides to travel to The Free City of Greyhawk Proper in order to gather the means to bring Ramona back, as well as to free Maekrix from the grips of an evil gnome.
After many teleports, the party arrives outside the gates of Greyhawk and Tervine decides to travel to the Temple of Pelor there. Cathedral of pelor He agrees to undertake a quest for those of Pelor for the Order to bring Ramona back. The party makes their way to the Golden Grain, where Sir Sicarius asks the barkeeper about Joneid Koinkrawler, which after much greasing with coins, he tells the party what he can, though there not being much. The barkeeper does tell them that Joneid’s son Jonik does run much of the day to day operations. The party then takes the time to discuss the next move, deciding to attempt to buy the freedom of Maekrix, making their way to the gladiator arena.
Upon reaching the gladiator arena, the party sees the symbol of a kingfisher with a coin piercing its beak on many of those working the stalls, with most of those being gnomes. The gnomes seem to be ordering around many goblins around, doing the brunt of the work. Sir Sicarius speaks with one of the gnome, asking about acquiring kobolds, which the gnome explains where to find Jonik or Joneid. The next morning the party makes their way to the merchant’s square, to find the Coincrawler stall the only one that’s fully open and prepared. In the booth, the group finds 3 gnomes, Evil gnome one being an older, yet well dressed one. The other two are a younger male and a young female. Sir Sicarius speaks with gnome, asking about purchasing a kobold. The party finds out that many of the kobolds were sent to Chathold for Sollinious to experiment on and many of the living kobolds are returned. Tervine is informed that the individual would be returning earlier than first thought. The party returns to the Coincrawler booth, discovering several more guards there than there were before, many of those well trained. Inside the house, the party finds a drow with a double bladed sword on their back. Joneid gives Sir Sicarius a potion of invisibility, with the intention of finding out what the item worn does. Maekrix is one of the kobolds that are present, however he is very much battered.
The party eventually manages to get Maekrix free for the sum of 3500 gold, after Joneid threatened to have Maekrix killed. The party takes Maekrix back to their inn room to recuperate as they wait for the meeting with the one to give them a quest and who was to bring Ramona back. Justineous tells the party that the quest they must undertake is to retrieve an item from the lair of a great red dragon Moltantaticous. The party swears before Justineous that they would perform this task or die trying.

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Session 33 Expanded

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