Session 31 Expanded

Session 31:
Assassination At Night

5th thru 9th day of Ready’reat CY

Location: DyversWorld Map
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After the fighting, the party decided to take stock of what they had and what the individual members needed. The party finds a drooling Mcgregor lying in a pool of his own excrement and decides to tie him up before placing the amulet upon him. Tervine offers to be the one to place the amulet upon Mcgregor. Upon placing the amulet on Mcgregor, a burst of light occurs, following by a disembodied Kobold voice saying, “The Enchantment has been lifted.” The amulet crumbles to dust. Mcgregor immediately is cognizant of his surroundings and demands to be untied. Master Gilnaeus and Mcgregor have an exchange explaining what has occurred to him. Upon examining him Tervine finds a more advanced spiraling mark on Mcgregor back.
Mcgregor explains that he was being chased by “Stone Hands” and his escape from their capturing him. He goes on to explain about how he fled into a temple that he isn’t sure where it was and that he was going to attempt to scare off his pursuers by “reading” from a book that he found upon an altar. After an exchange with Mcgregor the party allows him to leave with 10 gold and a dagger and a fond adieu.
The party decides to look through the inn for clues as to who hired the mercenaries, finding a room full of dead bodies, of which many were killed in gruesome ways. Dracioletto Machiovella recalls, from his past learnings, about a symbol found on the Deugar and the history behind the mercenaries that it represents. Dracioletto Machiovella asks Master Gilnaeus about what he knows of the temple that Mcgregor took refuge in, to which Master Gilnaeus explained that the two Stone Hands that followed him in, the first was disintegrated and the second, which managed to get out, turned to dust.
The party further discussed Lay Lines and the area in which the Stone Hands were last known to of followed Mcgregor, finally discussing their next move. The party finally decides to follow the Deugar and catch up to them after some time of tracking. The party, upon reaching the group, the party offers gold in exchange for information. The Deurgar tell them they didn’t know about the reason for kidnapping Mcgregor and that Vexti hired them to do it. They go on to explain that Vexti was the one that started the killing spree in Methat. The group of mercenaries goes on to say that Vexti said he was out of Dyvers. Kagan inquired about the name Morgoth, to which the group expressed no knowledge of him.
After asking the mercenaries a series of questions, the group discusses how to handle the mercenaries and what the party would do once they get to Dyvers. The party decides to spare the mercenaries their lives, once again for the information they have given. The party inquired with the mercenaries about the Drow that was with them and the mercenaries agreed to look into what house the Drow belonged to in exchange for some basic supplies and arms. The party decides to return to Methat and rest for several days before Master Gilnaeus would teleport the group to Dyvers, which the party arrives without trouble. The party travels to the Frosty Mug Inn and decided to rent out the whole of the upper, private rooms of the Inn.

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Drexella contacts Ossobucco telling him that sound found out that the symbol he saw on those that attack his people, a kingfisher with a goldpiece speared through its beak, was found in Greyhawk proper, and that Maekrix, his All-Watcher, was a slave to a Gnome named Jonid. After pouring his heart out about his plight, Ossobucco convinced several of the party members to join him in his cause. The party spends 2 weeks preparing themselves while they waited for the mercenaries to make their way to Dyvers.
Drexella further warns Ossobucco that she fears that a dark and ancient evil may threaten the group, different than that which had previously ripped former members to pieces. She tells him that there are evil forces at work more so than in any time since the twin cataclysms.
Tervine goes to the local temple of Pelor to speak with his people about events that have occurred and what they know of these things.
After 14 days of being in Dyvers, an assassin attacks Rathan during the night. After a failed attempt to kill Rathan in his sleep, Rathan raises a call to arms with a “Cocksucker!”. The party begins battle against the assassin. Just when the party had the upper hand, the assassin disappeared. After the battle, many of the party come to the realization that the assassin was an actual Mind Flayer, Catallum however nothing in any of books or classes on the subject the party members has had said anything about these individuals using weapons.
Upon opening the door to the inn, the Gnoll guard was found dead and upon closer inspection it appeared that its life force was sucked out of it, as evident by the sucker impression on his face, this also being very peculiar for a Mind Flayer.
Rathan goes and informs the inn owner about what happened, but the inn keeper did not understand a thing of what Rathan and Tervine tried to explain to him. He instructs the party that he will be informing the guards and that they are to leave his inn in the morning, agreeing to refund the difference in price paid.
The guard takes a report of what occurred, however he does not seem to understand or what being explained to him. The inn keeper agrees that instead of having the guard charge us for disturbing the peace, if we would leave with the guards there would be no charge.
Master Gilnaeus performs a detect scrying spell and after a mild caster battle, wins out briefly and becomes aware of the individual scrying, which appears to be a Mind Flayer, like the one that attacked us, however this one was unharmed and had glowing red eyes. Furthermore he finds that the individual is on the plain of Avernus. This caused a flurry of activity in the party in order to figure out how to stop the nearly constant scrying that the individuals are performing. The party decides to exit the city and cast tiny hut and enter it, so that those scrying cannot sense them.
Upon entering the hut, the party decides to discuss what they were going to do about getting rid of the scying and what to do next.
Ossobucco contacted Drexella and informed her of their need, which she agreed to do with the items to counter the scrying, but all she asked was the group to perform a mission to get an object and only had to kill or bind a great evil, emphasizing no babies would be required to be killed. Master Gilnaeus explained now, to the group, that the name that the mercenaries gave was Keilien. The party decides to head to Drexella via a series of teleports.

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Session 31 Expanded

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