Session 29 Expanded

Session 29:
Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire

28th Day of Patchwall to 3rd day of Ready’reat CY 621

Location: SulwardWorld Map
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The heroes begin at the house of Lord Gregarius. They finally have a chance to divvy up the loot from raid on the desecrated temple of Pelor. Suddenly the disembodied head of Drexella chimed in to give the heroes a list of spell components to get. Kagan groans as they divvy up the list and he and Dracioletto Machiovella spend the day shopping.
Ossobucco continues to assist Drexella with the making of the amulet. She also agrees to help him track down the people responsible for killing his tribe so he can exact his revenge, for a price. Drexella contacts the heroes again and tells them that their assistance is needed back at her hut. They meet up and travel back.
Upon arriving Drexella explains to them that she requires their protection while she completes the ritual to create the amulet. Apparently she has made many powerful enemies over the years and does not leave the safety of her hut unless it is absolutely necessary. She expects someone or something nasty to attack her given the opportunity of her leaving the safety of her hut and she cannot be interrupted during the completion of the ritual or else…well or else it would be very very bad. She was not very specific.
So then some of the heroes travel ahead to the ritual site and begin to prepare for the defense of the witch. Kagan casts an earth elemental to help move earth to assist Ossobucco in making pit traps while Sir Sicarius slices wood to fashion spikes to put in them.
Drexella steps out of the safety of her hut escorted by the others and casts many spells of protection on herself. She takes her place at the ritual site and the heroes take defensive places around her to protect her. It was not much later that the heroes heard the sound of growling and howling from the forest and a Nessian Hellhound appeared. The ferocious beast breathed a cone of flame and Kagan though invisible was badly wounded and fell back to cast a haste spell and to heal.
Hellhounds 1Hellhounds 1
Ramona, Sir Sicarius and Rathan faced off with the beast while another appeared and the rest of the group faced off against the other. Unseen by everyone a night hag who was under a spell of invisibility snuck in during the melee to attack Drexella. Either by folly or the powerful protection enchantments placed by Drexella the night hag missed her death blow and the night hag was now visible.
Sir Aegon aided by heals from Durass Brawnanvil smote the second hellhound followed soon after by Sir Sicarius finishing the the first while Kagan, Ossobucco, Link and Dracioletto Machiovella tried to unsuccessfully seriously injure the night hag.
Night hag
Suddenly a protective sphere of energy cast from an invisible spellcaster surrounded Drexella the night hag now exposed and outnumbered cast invisibility on herself again and began to retreat. The heroes made a chase after her but not before she could make a dimensional door and escape.
Now that the imminent danger had passed the group gathered up for magical healing and to find out who this new spell caster was that had appeared and if he was friend or foe. As it turns out that the wizard is in fact Master Gilnaeus the very wizard Kagan , Durass Brawnanvil and Dracioletto Machiovella along with Drake Steele (now dead) and Ellifane Featherfoot (now captured) had been hired to find so long ago by the Heronians in the City of Rel delven.
The party then made another defensive stance around Drexella and not soon enough the ritual was finally completed and the magical talisman was successfully created.
They made way back to Drexella hut where they discussed their next move.
Drexella gave Ossobucco a magical sapphire as well as the precious talisman and said that “she would be in touch” before retiring after the long ritual.
The heroes headed back to city for Sir Sicarius feast buying one last charge from Drexella wand of mass mount to get there as quickly as they could. Once there Sir Sicarius informed his lord of what had transpired and the group feasted and made merry (even Ossobucco) for one leg of our quest was now done. We had found Master Gilnaeus and they had the amulet now they have to get it to Mcgregor to hopefully cure his insanity, enabling him to answer what manner of unholy beast he set upon the world.

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Session 29 Expanded

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