Session 28 Expanded

Session 28:
The Fall of Drake

25th – 27 Day of Patchwall CY 621

Location: SulwardWorld Map
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Kagan used magic to heal the wounded unconscious warrior who turned out to be a holy warrior of Heironeous god of Chivalry, Justice, Honor, War, Daring, and Valor. His name is Sir Aegon and he thanked the party for his life and the return of his enchanted intelligent blade similar to Drake Steele that goes by the name “Oathkeeper”. The knight in turn used his power to cure Ramona the eidolon of her foul curse given to her by the undead mummy. In addition he swore an oath to serve the party for a year and a day and to assist in their quest to smite the ancient evil that tainted them.
Sir Aegon knight of the Blacksword then joined the group and told us of his capture and torture and of his quest to find an ancient holy artifact, a chalice. It was not to be found in the desecrated temple but clues found on a scratch of paper in the temple lead the party to believe it could be found in “the place that bears no light” if we could just figure out where that was.
Tired, hungry, Ellifane Featherfoot is always hungry) and with the demon blood in tow the party traveled back to Drexella hut. There still was unfortunately the problem of getting a baby to complete the ritual. And issue that made more of the moral group members question the limits of their own beliefs and how far they would stretch their personal codes of behavior for the “greater good”.
Upon talking to Drexella the party found out that Drake Steele and Maester had already left to get spell components to cure Drake of his wounds from being wraith touched and to get the baby needed for the ritual.
The party then waited for the return of Drake Steele and discussed their next move.Ossobucco the kolbold helped the witch with her brewing, Dracioletto talked, Kagan complained, Sir Aegon and Durass Brawnanvil wanted to smite the witch but decided against it Link was quiet and Ellifane Featherfoot hungry as ever left for the city promising to bring back a cow and supplies.
Time passes and soon enough we are greeted with guests at the hut. Only it is not Drake Steele with the baby or Ellifane Featherfoot with the cow. It is a knight in plate mail armor by the name of Sir Sicarius and a tracker named Rathan. They tell us that Drake Steele and Maester are dead and that Drake Steele unbreakable magic sword is broken a thought that runs a shiver down Drake Steele sword brother Sir Aegon. They have brought the broken sword as its “dying” request and it was able to reconnect with Sir Aegon sword Oakkeeper before it tuned to dust. To make matters worse it appears that Ellifane Featherfoot has been captured by their killers.
It turns out that Sir Sicarius is in the service of the local lord and was sent out to investigate the kidnapping of the two babies taken by Drake Steele and bring him to justice and Rathan is his tracker.
There was then much discussion on what to do next and explaining of stories to Sir Sicarius and Rathan about why exactly we needed the babies and why we were being so evasive about giving names and specifics. It was then determined by Drexella and the last words of Drake Steele sword that the “M” in the note from the temple and the killer of Drake Steele and Maester is Morgoth, a foul Hero of Orcus. Morgoth 2 It appears that he goaded the arrogant Drake Steele into single combat and bested him.
The group decided to travel to the place where this happened guided by Sir Sicarius and Rathan with only Ossobucco staying behind to assist the witch. A proper funeral was given for the warriors and words were spoken between Durass Brawnanvil and Sir Sicarius about the desecration of his dead comrade. It appears that Sir Sicarius cut off the hands of Drake Steele for his crimes of his kidnapping.
The babies were still with Drake Steele and like Drake Steele they were very dead. Also like Drake Steele they were mutilated in a way most foul. It seems that their hearts were cut out and eaten before being discarded. himself was decapitated. Maester appeared to have been blown apart from the inside. It was quite a gory scene. A trail of scorched earth tell signs of a Nightmare leaving the scene but the trail disappears.
Sir Sicarius then retrieved the remains of the babies and made haste back to his lord to discuss what he had learned. The group followed him back to the city and decided to rest and regroup in a few hours at the town square.
They did not know what to expect when they were “requested” to see the Lord Mayor Gregarious. The group was ill at ease to give up their weapons for the meeting and Sir Aegon outright refused but was granted special treatment because his connection with his blade and his noble character. He also swore an oath to do no harm in the lords manor but Sir Sicarius also promised to not be more than a step away.
Unpleastantries aside Dracioletto Machiovella was chosen to be the voice of the group since he does like to talk. Dracioletto Machiovella explained to the best of his ability the situation the group found themselves in, why Drake Steele kidnapped the babies, the taint of evil that haunts us and of Morgoth the foul servant of Orcus.
The lord turned out to be a fair but strict judge. The party was not to be imprisoned for their association to Drake Steele and his crimes but they were to be banished from the city for life. They were lucky to be given three days’ time to rest and resupply. They were even invited to a feast in Sir Sicarius honor who at the request of his noble lord has been ordered and then asked to accompany the group to smite this great evil that taints them taking great risk to himself since he will most likely be tainted and thus banished by association. Rathan , ever the mercenary also decides to join the party for an equal share of any booty claimed. He is either very brave or very foolhardy
Meanwhile back at Drexella hut Ossobucco took a magical portal that transported him to the city. He was now charged with the task of getting the babies for the ritual. And get the babies he did. He returned to Drexella with both a kobold

Kobold baby

and dwarf child it tow and began to assist her once more in the preparation of the ritual. And when I say assist I mean mutilate the babies in a way most foul.

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Session 28 Expanded

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