Session 27 Expanded

Session 27:
The Devil in the Details

25th Day of Patchwall CY621

Location: SulwardWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Pink

Weary from battle but determined to press on and rid the temple of its evil, the party rested briefly under the effects of a napstack spell cast by Durass Brawnanvil.

Once again the party found themselves in the room from which the wraiths had emerged. Beyond a side door, a hallway held a pair of six-armed skeletons whose flurry of attacks brought Drake Steele to death’s door. Although he survived, he was poisoned by a magically enhanced Yuan-ti venom and fell into an enchanted slumber. Maester bore him away, returning to Drexella with the unconscious Drake Steele lest he succumb to the dangers of the temple in his helpless state.

The remaining party members heard the weakened cries of what turned out to be a prisoner, an elven warrior named Link. After freeing him and returning his equipment, he joined the party for strength in numbers as he seemed to be suffering amnesia from his prolonged torment at the hands of his captors. The open doorway at the end of the hall opened into a large room with many wooden coffins lining the walls and a stone sarcophagus in its center.

Although Ellifane Featherfoot and Ossobucco were careful and allow the party to get close to the sarcophagus, they open it. The mummy within The mummy 1932 sprang out and it triggered the remaining coffins to pop open for ghouls and wights aplenty.

Worse still, Ramona and Kagan were paralyzed with fear and despair, taking them out of the combat. After a tense but strategic combat, the party managed to survive to loot the room and continue into the temple. Beyond the mummies, the party found a small bedroom with a letter written in Infernal. It bore the words:

“The Chalice is Found, a Vessel is Needed. Ghoul

Meet me at the place that bears no light" and was signed only with the letter M. Under the floor rug in the room, a pressure plate opened a secret door into a large ceremonial chamber complete with summoning pentacle and a Babau demon at its center. It moved forward to attack, dropping darkness and using its infernal ability to teleport. Overwhelmed by superior numbers, the devil was slain and six vials of its blood were taken for Drexella.

Also within the room was an unconscious, wounded warrior with a black blade similar to that of Drake Steele; the party stabilized him and waited for him to return to consciousness.

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Session 27 Expanded

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