Session 26 Expanded

Session 26:
Reflections of a Dwarf

24th – 25th Day of Patchwall CY621

Location: SulwardWorld Map
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From the journal of Durass Brawnanvil – Priest of Cleggidin Silverbeard

Morning cannot come too soon after the battle with the stinking Regens, the reek of burnt troll is everywhere and the endless bragging prattle of Drake Steele is wearing thin, Even though I personally slew 3 of the 5 creatures (although I was aided in those kills by my companions) – to hear him tell it, one would think that he single-handedly scourged the entire troll race from the face of Oerth and broke a’hunred maidenheads all in the same day. Cleggidin does not forbid a warrior pride, however this man’s blather goes far beyond pride to unconscionable arrogance. It is the arrogant warrior that fails to recognize threats. It is the arrogant warrior that does not see the accomplishments of his companions. It is the arrogant warrior that gets himself and others killed.


The man is a fine fighter, but he lacks discipline and cannot lead men through any method but threat. A fine fighter he maybe but he is no warrior – a warrior has discipline, as well as courage; a warrior puts the lives of his men first and himself second, a warrior looks to the good of the mission not personal glory. The day he understands this will be the day he faces a true warrior and dies at the end of his foes blade.

After waking we broke our fast on the meager rations that is the common fare for those in our trade and as usual the Elf lass – Ellifane Featherfoot consumed three times that of a regular portion and stilled moaned as if she was starving, it is a wonder that she retains a womanly figure, most men would consider her quite beautiful but I do not. There is something wrong about a woman not having a beard – it just ain’t right.

We broke camp and the puppet of the hag who sent us to do her dirty work led us to the temple of Orcus. As we made our way in we were hit with an over-whelming sense of dread and felt a palatable aura of evil. The wizard determined that this was a vile field of intense evil and magic – some foul being had desecrated this once beautiful sanctuary of Pelor with what is sure to have been a dark and vile ritual. Dracioletto Machiovella also determined a bunch of other effects attached to the aura, but he talks so damn much I usually stop listening after the first five words. He talks to everybody always acting like a know-it-all jerk. Nobody listens to what he says. Nobody cares what he says. He talks so much!

We made our way into the temple and the kobold took the lead to search for cowardly traps – The man who kills without showing his face has no honor. But a temple of Orcus is not a place where one will find honor. The Kobold – Ossobucco found the first trap as it nearly cut him in two but to his credit he stuck in there and disabled it. Until he joined our group, I had never met a kobold that I did not kill and he may be from a puny race of dog men but no one can fault the courage of anyone who takes point.

After we bypassed the traps we fought a number of foul undead creatures and put them to rest. During the battles the creature of Kagan was severely wounded, the creature acquitted itself well in combat and I have to admit I am warming up to it – at first I believed that the creature to be an abomination – mischief of the elves who always talk about preserving nature but are the first to exploit the powers of nature, like druids. (They make me sick be a man or be an animal: just choose one already and be done with it.) Now I think the summoned creature of Kagan is my favorite companion of this group: it does not bitch, it does not moan all it does is fight. That is a good creature to have.

Given the wounds we had suffered we decided to regroup by using one of Cleggidin’s powerful spells for a brief but fortifying rest in order to recoup- we will return in three hours and bring woe to the temples vile inhabitants.

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Session 26 Expanded

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