Session 25 Expanded

Session 25:
For Which Witch We Search?

20th – 24th Day of Patchwall CY 621

Location: SulwardWorld Map
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In the pirate ship’s cell, the captain decided to sell the Black Blade and Drake Steele (and the kobold) into slavery but recanted, instead having something more sinister in mind. He would allow them to live if they swore an oath of service to him. (The Oath included such riders as promising not to kill the captain, not to send anyone to kill him, not to stand by while someone tries to kill him, etc). Drake Steele and the little kobold so swore, having little choice in the matter, and were dropped off at the Wanton Wench in the sub-humanoid sector of Sulward.
Once in Sulward, Drake Steele and Ossobucco (for that is the little kobold’s name) find the sub-human section a wild, chaotic place where humans are ill-treated and goblins, orcs, and the like mingle in a society of sorts. After making some purchases and experiencing a role reversal where Ossobucco pretended to be Drake Steele master, the returned to the human section of the city and the roles switched again. The human city seemed almost as rough and tumble as the sub-humanoid section and they soon found the Kraken’s Gut, a solid-looking and surprisingly large inn. There, they healed and established a base to wait for the rest of the party to arrive, checking the docks regularly.
****Aboard the Sea Runner – the ship sails night and day to reach Sulward.
Back on the floundering Sea Runner, the rest of the party struggles with the absence of crew enough to sail to the island of Sulward. After stumbling through one goblins fractured common, Ellifane Featherfoot is found to speak goblin and acted as a translator. While short on crew, the goblins are able to teach the party enough to limp to the island after four days. Sailing night and day, the shipped managed to limp to within sight of land when the party became awoken with an incredible sense of despair. An unknown force pressed down upon them as a horrific scream came from the deck.

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By the time they could force their unwilling limbs to propel themselves up top, a grisly sight awaited them; the unknown dark force was on the deck. Ethan, still dutifully manning his position on deck was being horribly mangled and killed in a manner most similar to that of the dark beast that haunts the party. Pushing through the night, the fear-invigorated newbie crew came to land at Sulward that morning where Drake Steele and Ossobucco met them. After brief introductions and a funeral for Ethan, the party returned to the Kraken’s Gut and began to seek Drexella – the witch potion woman they were sent to find. They heard that the fastest way to find Drexella is to look up Maester, a half-elf ranger who hunts and guides in the local woods. They also heard many a grusome tale about Drexella; that she was reputed to be a witch, to drink the blood of babies, etc. That evening, the party discussed what happened to one another and then rested, heading out the following morning to find Maester.

On the morrow, the party headed to the Merchant’s quarter and found Maester after a short while. He agreed to take them to Drexella for a small fee (1 gp per day), so the party swung by the Kraken’s Gut to pick up Ellifane Featherfoot (who slept in, the lazy bitch) and then headed out. After a short journey, the party arrived at Drexella hut – an ancient elven druid who was waiting for the party’s arrival. She told the party that the evil she sensed on them was ancient. She would create the amulet that they came to collect (that Nertilla requested) of her but she needed special components. The ritual she would perform to craft this amulet required an innocent like a small baby, blood of a Baubau demon,
and must be done during a full moon. As the moon would be full in just under a week, the party set off immediately, following Drexella directions to find a demon-worshipping cult within her forest. There, they would find the ingredients they sought. Maester carefully led them through the forest, avoiding trouble and noting potential troll tracks, until the party rested safely that night. The following day, however, brought trolls and a happy stress relief in the party’s victory against them.

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Session 25 Expanded

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