Session 24 Expanded

Session 24:
Not Easy Being Green

14th – 19th Day of Patchwall CY 621

Location: Aerdi SeaWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Pink

We found our adventurers in Chathold, on the evening before their voyage to Sulward. There, they planned to retrieve an item of healing from Drexella, the witch, on behalf of Nertie Nertilla the Halfling).

The party discussed preparations for the following voyage and then a rowdy, raucous celebration of Drake Steele success filled the Stout Dwarf until late in the evening. On the morrow, Drake Steele hired a scribe to come along and detail his adventures and then the party headed to the docks where they expected to find the Sea Dragon armed and ready to depart.

They found instead a messenger bearing ill news – the Sea Dragon, a well armed and sturdy warship, was called away on emergency business. However Nertilla had managed to call in favors and another ship was waiting for the brave adventurers… the Sea Runner, a goblin-manned


tub that had seen its fair share of battles, judging by its general state of repair. After several days of travel, Durass Brawnanvil could barely restrain his racial hatred of the “gobbos” and the party was relieved to find themselves only a day’s travel from Sulward. It was then that a second ship ‘pre-emptively retalliated’ against the Sea Runner, firing ballista upon the party’s ocean conveyance. The party managed to fight off the attacking ship with such great losses to the goblin crew that they were dead in the water. As the retreating ship pulled away, however, Drake Steele was not content to let them so easily escape and with arcane assistance from Dracioletto Machiovella, swiftly flew over the waters in a solo boarding attempt.

After a finger-biting battle, Drake Steele luck ran out and he was felled, his concentration on Dracioletto Machiovella ‘s fly spell coming to an end bringing him down helplessly on the enemy’s deck. Although stabilized, the piratical crew captured Drake Steele and he awoke, naked and bound, in the hold with fellow prisoner, a Kobold named Ossobucco. After some witty repartee, the captain


decided that the two prisoners would be sold into slavery once they reached Sulward and thus he would be rid of them for good.

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Session 24 Expanded

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