Session 14 Expanded

Session 14:
Riddle Me This

12th – 17th Day of Goodmonth CY 621

Location: CoradunWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Yellow

As Omen left, Teryn Silverleaf followed him out. While they were gone, Gilnaeus, Allister Tain, and Jaffer were attacked in a room of trash by a Gibbering Mouther and defeated it.

The group went back to the teleport and was sent to a small dark hallway were the fought and defeated two burning skeletons. A dial pointing from closed to open, revealed a passageway to some steps which led down.

At the bottom of the step, there was a room with two doors. One read in infernal, “Spare Parts” and the other one had orc voices coming from the other side. Joined by Teryn Silverleaf, the party now moved against the orcs and salyed all but a few for interrogation. Once their death was justified, Allister Tain sent them on their way. The party then was attacked from behind by a troll, 2 ogres, and four orcs. The party was joined in this fight by Daceus – a brave Halfling an his Eidolon. Together the new half-pint and the party destroyed the enemies and made their way into the Spare Parts room.

In this room the party was beset by a large gaggle of medium and large undead. One by one the zombies fell to the ground not to move again. In the back of the Spare Parts room there was a chest with 25000 coins in it. The party also located a secret door to a bed chamber. The party sorted the coins, rested, and moved on to pull the lever in the bed chamber. Stone walls enclosed the doors on either side when the lever went down.

The party then raised the lever and proceeded through the new door. The next rooms revealed a similar altar to an evil god as the party came across previously. The group buffed up with spells and prepared some rudimentary tactics. Allister Tain smashed the alter and a dreaded Osyluth appeared Pzo9213 bone devil and attacked the party. In a long battle spanning 17 rounds and four rooms, dozens of spells, arrows, heals, and swings later, the Bone Devil was defeated. Right near the end of the fight a dwarven ghost appeared and showered the party with a small bit of healing.

After the fight, the ghost left the party with a riddle, “What presses charges while watching the sea of unnatural strangeness?”

The ghost then disappeared.

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Session 14 Expanded

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