Session 11 Expanded

Session 11:
A Farewell to Horns

20th Day of Reaping CY 621

Location: Grandwood ForestWorld Map
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As the party reassembled, comrade Omen I had found them in their dungeon and was fortunately in reasonably good health and condition. Several doors remained, and the party was eager to assist Ghoushnok and loot the denizens of evil dungeons. First, the party encountered a room with scratching and it seemed to have a dangerous threat of smashing the people in the room. Our solution was to pile up rubble and place several shard of adamantine metal over it to provide a buffer that would prevent the door from closing. This operations was to become standard procedure in any case where the door seemed liable to smash us due to wall scratches. The monster room was full of mummies
The mummy 1932The mummy 1932The mummy 1932
who almost killed the party, but good teamwork helped the party overcome the troublesome creatures. At this point, afflictions had begun to take their toll. Two party members had fallen ill with the terrible disease known as mummy rot, an illness which comes with a curse: the victims could not be healed easily. Fortunately, the dragon offered himself as a potential cure for the afflication of Drogan Steele, because it felt that its life was passing and perhaps it would be someday resurrected by Omen I. Next, Onoma Ousia managed to get along well the next day with restorative magic from St. Cuthbert. This meant the party would no longer be fighting from a position of total weakness.

The party had continued into the sixth dungeon room, where they found an awful scene. It was the remains of a party of adventurers, who died without a trace of monsters. The party conducted an inventory and took all the loot from the poor souls, including a two-handed sword that had been thrust in an apparent suicide by one of the knights. In any case, it was hard not to be happy, seeing how the treasury had just gotten a sadly needed boost.

Seventhly, the party entered a dangerous room occupied by two strange skeletons, which did not move as normal skeletons usually do. Argonauts skeletons A mass of gel-like substance seemed to fill in strangely around their bones. Here things went from difficult to ugly. The horror of the dungeon took over as one of the companions, the brave minotaur Ghoushnok, became enraged and started to swing on his own party. This led to madness and nearly to panic, because the minotaur was already fearsome, and it seemed impossible to resolve the situation without either killing him or being killed. Fortunately, the skeletons did not manage to move very quickly, but they too were haunting our steps. Everyone was turned invisible and we began exiting. Ghoushnok,


however, was attacked and slain, then after him, the skeletons came ambling. They did not seem easy to kill, and the gel seemed resistant to magic. Although some small success was obtained, the party had to retrograde their advance back to the swamp, and from there they had to decide how to set forth anew, with what loot the survivors were able to steal.

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Session 11 Expanded

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