Session 10 Expanded

Session 10:
The Forgotten Temple

14-19th Day of Reaping CY 621

Location: Grandwood ForestWorld Map
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The party continued its dreary march out of the swamp. Not long thereafter, a bull-headed man with all of the looks of a true minotaur showed up. He was called Ghoushnok and he was intent on finding a nearby temple or site of some sort with a great power. The party was divided between going back to town or finding the temple immediately. I, Onoma Ousia for one, could not stand being in the swamp forever and would like to rid the world of a few more evildoers if I could. In any case, we pursued the temple.

Ruined temple final up

The surrounding area became shadowy and dark as the group tracked on towards the temple. Everything seemed peaceful enough, but there was an unnerving feeling. Perhaps foolishly supposing that the opportunity to rest would bring the onset of new powers, Onoma Ousia suggested resting, even though they were near the dungeon. Indeed, new powers did appear, but they were not the good sort, rather malevolent wisps looking like skulls confronted the resting party. This led to a premature loss of resources, and it was necessary to hurry into the safer dungeon without forethought. Unfortunately, even though it seemed obviously to be trapped, the party was unable to disable the trapped entryway in the flight into a dungeon.

Afterwards they took a hallway down to a strange room with eight openings and with eight crate. Also, the room had another strange feature in that it had a pillar that was made of wood supporting it, only an solid metal box was placed in a gap in the wood and helped to support the structure somehow. The party observed that the eight openings had eight different colors and there were also crates more or less aligned to the openings, it seemed. It seemed later that there were feeding tubes there and crates with the food.

The crates had the following substances: the yellow and the emerald crates were empty, the brownish-red had much copper coin, the glowing silver and black had what appeared to be elf limbs hacked from corpses, the diamond had bones, the blue firewood, and the purple, blood. One of the crates had 20 rations as well, but I couldn’t remember whether it was the emerald or yellow afterwards.

After some speculation, the next order of business seemed to be to retrieve the excellent metal that was found, viz., the metal object with an adamantine shell. The party accomplished this and did so by pulling the cube with a rope, so that when the pillar support was lost, they would be out of the room. The room did have a cave-in, but Ghoushnok and Drogan Steele proved to be quite capable at clearing a path through the rubble and the object was retrieved. The object seemed to have a lead mass within, and it was feared to be a storage for something magical, like a phylactery, even though it was put in the odd location between two pillars—you can never be too careful when it comes to dark and evil magics. So we hacked the object until we were confident nothing important was within.

Next, we entered a great room with several colored doors leading out of it. After some magical inspection, we deduced that the structure in the center of the room seemed to act as a key for the doors, and the doors matched the colors previously noted. Also, on the opposite side of the entryway there seemed to be a door as well. It showed a noble family seal from the Salonius family, an ill-fated aristocratic family of Dyvers with the distinct problem that everyone in that family seemed to die horrible deaths. Above the door an inscription read (in an odd script) something like “turn back…certain death…disturb rest.”

After this we were satisfied enough to proceed down the only open door, since there was an opening in the yellow door from the topaz that was located in the center key-structure, floating in the device. However, once we went down the hallway, we met another door, and when this door opened, the door behind us shut. We found a room with plants all over and a single treasure chest lying on the far side of the room. However, the moment we opened the treasure, the plants came to life and attacked us, grappling and squeezing, and a spell went off that grappled and held people. Eventually the party warriors punished the plants for their insurrection and all went well enough. We found a good-looking gem similar to the topaz of the previous room, and the exit way had re-opened.

Then we entered the next door, using the gem we found. It led to a room with mushroom infested zombies supported by brainsucking creatures. Ghoushnok was almost destroyed by a strange phlegm of fungus going in an out of his brain. But fortunately, the party prevailed, found the loot and the gem, and left. The doors all behaved similarly; once you had opened an inner door, the outer door closed on you. Once you found the next key, the door reopened that led into the main center room. The third room, after it was found and opened, led to a room full of rust monsters (as the party had, with due cautions, been disposed to believe beforehand). This fight took a while, as nobody used their proper gear, but after this, the larger scare was trying to open a solid wooden chest. It was hard to open and when the party finally did open it, a pit trap went off. After some speculations, the party opted to burn the outside of it, because it seemed that the inside was made of lead (though to be sure, it was only a brief moment that it was visible). Then the smoke from the fire seemed to blow towards an odd section of the wall. The monk found a secret door there and grabbed the next key.

The party then ambitiously went on to the fourth door, confident that something good would come of it. This led into a chamber that proved to have a black dragon.

Black dragon

He was fortunately of a younger class, but still its deadly breath proved a challenge. Fortunately, Ghoushnok was at his best and the party overcame the creature, who promised unusual things, of a path to Krynn—something of great significance to the minotaur. The party agreed to a truce, albeit with an uneasy sensation that they were only going to be betrayed. The dragon agreed to help the party, but when he left the confines of his chamber, he was severely wounded by some magical forces. It seemed it would not be so easy for him to leave. Nonetheless, he did say something about three relics needed, I suppose, in relation to the minotaur’s desire to return to Krynn.

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Session 10 Expanded

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