Session 09 Expanded

Session 09:
A Puzzling New Direction

8th – 13th Day of Reaping CY 621

Location: Grandwood ForestWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Red

When the party woke from their rest, the wizard and his guard had disappeared, and suddenly Omen I reappeared. They recouped from the devastating losses and pressed forward. They had to deal with the darkness of the shadowy room, leading into a featureless room. The room may have had little in the way of interior design, but it was heavily guarded by machine samurai warriors, two statue effigies directed by a third, an effigy master. They were formidable combatants, but gradually the party blasted and hacked their way to victory. Then they searched this room and a secret door was located leading to a curious red door. Also, a certain halfling by the name of Rees appeared and other than being quite weak seemed healthy enough to join the party’s endeavors.

The door proved immutable. Several party members sought to open it in different ways. Nothing worked. Problem was we didn’t have time and food to lay siege to the door, and no answer were immediately forthcoming. However, there was a way out…climbing back out the entrance and into the swampy land. This was the path they would need to take to escape the clutches of the dungeon. The party grimly climbed their way out of the treacherous opening, hope was hard to find and everywhere Uncle Lo looked he saw swamp trees.


Carefully striding south, the party survived on bugs and worms with at least clean water from Cuthbert to wash it down. After three days, tracks were found leading west. Uncertain about the nature of the tracks, the party plodded on, happy to think about finding something in the wilderness. The tracks led to the remote village of a group of lizardmen, led by a wise elder who seemed able to control his peaceful but strong group. They welcomed the lost travelers and provided a meal of strange and uncivilized fare.

Omen I with the clan in the language of dragons and some useful information was learned. There were soft-skinned humanoids—doubtless some type of civilized sort—several days journey to our east. However, the chieftain warned of a great and evil creature lurking not far to the south. It would be wise to change course and avoid the terror. Thankful for a real meal (for it seemed delicious after the bugs and worms), the party enjoyed a moment of tranquility with them and then gather themselves for the next leg of the escape. Where it could lead none was certain.

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Session 09 Expanded

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