Session 07 Expanded

Session 07:
A Forced Settlement

4th – 5th day of Reaping CY 621

Location: ChatholdWorld Map
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The party rejoined their companion, Omen I, who noted a note from the noted Commander of the military who noted the party’s conflict with the Stonearms. It was an invitation or (as became clear) a summons to discuss with him their situation. The party agreed to go to the Rotchfort manor, as they were asked to provide a place and occasion for the negotiations.

At the feast, the party met some of the Stonehands, including the villainous, treacherous, and altogether wretched but not unattractive halfling Nertilla. Both sides expressed contempt at the meeting for the other side. The rogues in fact attempted to blame the party for the situation, and the general Croatus even declared that the party was to blame. Then the party agreed that someone should explain our situation from start to finish, and the party cleric was nominated and agreed to this task. Now there was still some heat on the party, but it was obvious that the real culprits were criminals walking around free as gazelles.

The party also realized that the general was a complete politician when he said he would step outside of the room and tell us to resolve our differences, because he didn’t want anything incriminating to keep people from expressing themselves. But none could deny the threat of military intervention seemed real.

Eventually Nertilla agreed to take the party over to the workshop of Estonas the priest. She indicated that Morriton and the priest were on very amicable terms. It did seem like Morriton was just a bizarre dude, and we were beginning to wonder about him, so we took a stroll to his shop, after learning he has disappeared as of two days ago. Well, wouldn’t you know the shop was guarded by more of those lifeless wicker men!


After burning through the breadbaskets, the party reached the wizard’s upper rooms where were found 7 of the ley stones. Soon the party became more familiar with the subject, and after a short night’s rest, they would find out that the ley lines led from Estonas’s lab to an undetermined locations, via the ley stones. Luckily, the itinerant sorcerer had skills with such magical items and was able to activate the ley stones, after the party found the entrance guided by Nertilla, who seemed quite willing to hire the party. The party teleported to an onslaught of several constructs, which they barely overcame.

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Session 07 Expanded

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