Session 05 Expanded

Session 05:
A Charming Rescue

1st – 2nd day of Reaping CY 621

Location: ChatholdWorld Map
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After taking control of the old workshop, the party had two prisoners on hand. The first prisoner was a member of the Stone Arm Scourge who threw down his weapons and surrendered. Drogan Steele and Craig Pain questioned him a few minutes while the others stood guard. He answered the questions with a surly tone and eventually Drogan Steele decided to let him go. Drogan Steele told the crook to hold out his arms and then cut his hands off freeing the manacles, causing the man to succumb to his wounds. The other prisoner was the bystander who had followed the party and gotten himself mixed in with problems he should have left alone. He was told to help the party by offering a false impression of the party’s condition to the contact he was scheduled to meet.
It did not take long for those who had captured prisoners to become prisoners themselves. Things did not go as hoped and by morning, the second prisoner’s head had been left in a package for Drogan Steele at the inn. But the party resolved to look into the question more, so they returned to the workshop only to find it had burned down. Two guardsmen had been tasked with insuring the fires did not spread too far. They seemed upset with the party’s interest, and a confrontation began to flare up. One guard blew a whistle, and as the tension built, an off-handed remark to the effect that these guards knew too much turned the situation from one of discomfort into one in which the party were now under arrest.
The cleric, Onoma Ousia and the wizard, Master Gilnaeus dropped their weapons before things got ugly, but there were still three other party members to account for, and the guards had reinforcement arriving. It would have been difficult for the party at that point, and so Craig Pain and Drogan Steele agreed to lower their weapons. Uncle Lo had disappeared in the knick of time and escaped notice. But the sergeant, Torag, resolved to arrest two of the party and carried them away in bonds, but it was decided that the wizard and cleric had shown enough compliance to be let off this time. Uncle Lo managed to keep an eye on the captured party members, and they had been carried of to that quarter’s magistrate prison. Their situation did not look promising. Craig Pain was viewed as having threatened to kill a guardsman, and the fact that Drogan Steele was dedicated to Heironeous did not put him in a good light.
Back at the inn, the cleric, Onoma Ousia queried that innkeeper, Bartonus, about the matter, and he seemed to indicate that the law was definitely susceptible to bribery. Now the god, St. Cuthbert, does not view bribes favorably and attempts to get around this would only be viewed like blasphemy to real clerics of St. Cuthbert, so he urged his companions with the notion that he would not himself participate in any antics, but given the region’s reputation for unfair lawlessness, he would not utterly oppose them if they tried to work something out. The barkeep also stated that there would probably be some form of physical punishment and then a release or possibly just a fine, but as he himself noted, he was no barrister. Now there were two choices, either delay until the morning or act immediately, and Onoma Ousia would do nothing to act immediately.
But Master Gilnaeus and Uncle Lo had other ideas, for there was a good deal of fear that instead of a fair trial, some member of the thieves’ gang would reach into the prison and kill the companions. So after meeting with the barkeep’s contact about giving gifts, Master Gilnaeus and Uncle Lo left for the magistrate. There was no clear plan stated, but it was just as well that they determined to do something. Craig Pain has already been mistreated horribly, and various factions seemed determine to get Drogan Steele to turn on his former companions. They had taken various steps to humiliate the prisoners and it seemed that the worst was yet to come, perhaps even an untimely death. It was possible that they would make it out, but it seemed like the clock was ticking on their potential to have a happy future.
Now the wizard, Master Gilnaeus, and the contemplative Uncle Lo had arrived at the outer gates of the magistrate’s compound at about midnight, and they had to find a way inside to question the magistrate about the immediate release of the two captured fellows. The outer guards questioned the wizard about his business, but each took a gift of 50 gp and they proceeded on a patrol elsewhere, unwilling to stay and chat further. Then the pair of adventurers proceeded to the entrance to the building, where two more guards awaited them. The guards did not seem hostile, but perhaps luck was about to change. Yet, when the wizard mentioned he was there to see the magistrate, the guards did not object. Then, in the hall, the pair of adventurers were met yet again and asked concerning their business by a studious-looking fellow. How difficult would this one be?
He informed them that the magistrate had gone to congress and would be busy for a few more hours. Then he was himself informed that the matters were somewhat more urgent and the wizard offered to pay him as well. Then the fellow, who seemed to be able to arrange a meeting, saw that there was some good in the party’s cause and took them to the magistrate’s chambers, where a enormous bodyguard by the name of Boagrius S5.2 awaited them. He was informed that the two were to see the magistrate even at this moment, but instead Uncle Lo hung outside the chambers while the wizard went in to try to speak on his companions’ behalf.
Now the magistrate seemed to be occupied with two young ladies, even though he was an elderly fellow, and after a brief moment he came to see Master Gilnaeus. They had a good talk about the importance and value of the law and Master Gilnaeus asked about the condition of his two friends and the price it would cost to have them freed. The magistrate said there were some sterner penalties awaiting the one who was said to have threatened the guardsmen. This did not seem like an insurmountable obstacle. So Master Gilnaeus agreed to pay the price to have letters freeing the two, and all seemed like it was about to end well. But there was some discussion to the effect that their goods could not be guaranteed and there would probably be some misfortune along the way.
Then the wizard asked if the man knew Draconic, and he replied that he had learned elvish. The wizard complimented him on this and said he would read something to him in a different language, something which turned out to be a scroll of Charm Person. Now this scroll had its effect and Master Gilnaeus gained the good will of the magistrate, who promptly began to look wholeheartedly into the interests of the wizard. It was pointed out that the party had been adventuring against the Stone Arm Scourge and that all the difficulties arose in the course of this conflict, and the magistrate was convinced that it was important to have people working against this force and he was ready to secure the prisoners and their belongings.
And the wizard suggested many other good ideas to the magistrate. S5.1 He obtained a letter of credit for requisitioning goods from the city’s armory, he got notes declaring the sentences paid for, got a note declaring himself a non-commissioned officer of the watch, and he acquired the services of the powerful bodyguard, Boagrius. Each request was made in due order and with proper deference to the wisdom of the magistrate, who seemed ready to comply with the good suggestions and requests of the man whom he highly regarded. Boagrius was ordered to work alongside Master Gilnaeus and follow his instructions, and then the two prisoners were rescued.
Afterwards the party returned to the original scene of conflict, the old workshop, resolved to get further down into the laboratory. The two guards had been replaced with a new pair, but they did not oppose the newly sanctioned group. However, they were not the only creatures there, and a force of hobgoblin warriors were waiting for the party. They were supporting an ogre, a cleric, a wizard, a chieftain, a couple of archers, and what is worse, even the guards behind the party turned out to be in league with the villains and attack. It was a difficult fight, but the party had enough to take out the threats and weaken the enemies with area effects, so that it was possible to turn the tide and finish the battle successfully.

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Session 05 Expanded

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