Session 04 Expanded

Session 04:
The Stonehands

Richfest – CY 621

Location: ChatholdWorld Map
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The party cleric, Onoma Ousia went on a rampage that ended with a split in the group. Mcgregor, who swore vengence on the priest, and Keldar left the party. The group then pursued the wizard Morriton to gather information about the missing Aura Bruce. Several facets of information came to light.

1.Aura Bruce opened a window and was taken away in a flying chariot.

2.The girl and the wizard each take an interest in viomancy, which means replacing lost limbs with magical limbs.

3.A gang of thieves who lost their hands in thievery have assembled around a nefarious cleric who has the power to give them stone arms.

After discussing this and more, the party were jumped by the thieves as they left the wizard’s study. They eventually dispatched these thugs, and then proceeded to the next stage, finding the old workshop of the cleric (and old acquaintance of the wizard). On the way they accosted a man who had followed them and was serving the Stone Arm Scourge. They questioned him, and then they entered the workshop, fighting with the rogues and a couple of their automatons, vile wicker men


After winning the fight, they discovered a passage that led somewhere unknown.

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Session 04 Expanded

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