Session 03 Expanded

Session 03:
Two Men Enter

28th day of Wealsun CY 621

Location: ChatholdWorld Map
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In the beginning, Mcgregor healed the cleric, Mogh, and Mogh healed the unconscious Omen I and Drogan Steele. Then they discussed loot and corpses. Most of the corpses were too burdensome for a real burial, but perhaps something could be done for them. The loot was distributed, but to Mogh’s chagrin he did not get much in the way of items. Then they found a prisoner who had been in bondage for nearly half a century, since the wars of Ket. He, Master Gilnaeus, had long practiced magic, and had by a chain of events had found himself in this prison. At this point, it was decided to return to the festival in town.
Among the many festival events, too stood out: the archery contest and the combat-to-the-death. Two archers, Craig Pain and Uncle Lo, entered into a friendly rivalry to see whether they could win the contest. Both advanced through the first round, and looked forward to continuing their contest with higher stakes.
Meanwhile, a revitalized Drogan Steele looked forward to competition to the death in the arena. He fought and defeated a dangerous hobgoblin before the crowd, which turned sour at the magic used in the victory. An itinerant cleric by the name of Onoma Ousia offered his services in the name of St. Cuthbert to the festival organization. Master Gilnaeus and Omen I began to plot over what kind of money could be made betting on the matches. Much subterfuge and strategy ensued, and the two archers also dabbled in the gambling.
Now on the following day, Drogan Steele was matched against an intimidating dwarf. Dwarf 4 He and Drogan Steele exchanged wounds, and then misses, and then they drank healing potions, and then they wounded one another, and then missed. Arena f 3 But finally the dwarf had Drogan Steele up against a wall and with a dwarf-like swing of his dwarvish waraxe amputated a perfectly healthy leg.
Arena f 4

But Omen I had earlier requested that if possible, the dwarf, Keldar, spare his friend, Drogan Steele, if the opportunity arose. The crowd’s bloodlust was instantly satisfied by the sundered leg, but somewhere a cry rang out, “Mercy”. Then the cleric felt obliged to heal and the wounds of Drogan Steele closed to the point that he didn’t bleed to death.
The two archers put up a good showing in the archery competition, but Uncle Lo had a more stellar second round, splitting multiple bull’s eye arrows consecutively. Although he was not able to win the final round, it was an amazing 2nd round.
Eventually Omen I consulted with various personages about forming a company of adventurers of common enterprise for mutual benefit. This included provisions for the basic operation of the company (see below). The group was drinking together, Craig Pain,Master Gilnaeus, Omen I, Mcgregor, Keldar, and Onoma Ousia, when a Maureen Bruce came striding into the tavern seeking aid. She claimed that her sister had been magical abducted and kidnapped. Her father Eric Bruce was a merchant who worked with the wizard Morriton. The suspected agent of the crime was the Stone Arm Scourge. The party questioned the girl about rewards and was offered the sum of 100 gp per person. Evidently that was all the merchant cared to pay to have his daughter back, approximately 700 gp.

When they went to the wizard to inquire, and they met an unlucky mage. However, they were told that the father would see them on the next day.
A mysterious power saw was pleased with Drogan Steele, and some power regenerated his leg, so that he was practically ready to fight again the next day. In a world of magic and dragons, such things do not long demand our attention, but it is remarkable that it happened and he was able to continue to fight so quickly.

Basic Group Provisions

  1. Every member has the right to veto new members.
  1. The group receives one share of the treasure for items and expenses required for the group.
  1. A member may be removed from the group by a majority vote.
  1. Treasure will be allotted equally and the equity of each character will be equal. As for items that are found, those wishing to retain possession of the items may pay off the other group members for their equity. When multiple members want the same item, a roll-off will ensue with the highest roll winning possession (and the obligation to repay other characters for the equity).
  1. The name Free Company of the Ragged Stump was considered.
  1. Prisoners found in adventuring will not necessarily be treated like citizens.

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Session 03 Expanded

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