Session 02 Expanded

Session 02:
And Then They Came

26th – 27th day of Wealsun CY 621

Location: ChatholdWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Red

The session begins with Drogan Steele making it back to Chathold, realizing that Raistlin has disappeared, and returning to The Shark Inn, to see about getting a refund on his dead comrades housing. A wizard Lundos Terac and sorcerer Omen I appear and chat idly with Drogan Steele , who seems less concerned with the fact that his friends perished than with the fact that he would like the money for their rooms. Shortly thereafter, a gregarious minotaur Kaz, seeking Raistlin and company, to hunt goblins and Mcgregor enters the group discussion in the inn. A heavily armored dwarf Mogh declares himself an opponent of goblins and a despiser of those who leave their comrades to die. Despite his wounds and limp, but he would prove to be a valuable companion, a cleric.
The group wastes no time and leaves to attack the goblins. With a bit of banter, they make their way successfully to the cave, where they fight and slay a six-goblin guard, and then they notice that fellow Mcgregor. He declares himself to be innocent of any real harm-doing, having been a gardener who found a dowry. He suggests, in any case, that he could not be charged with acting against the will of the girl who found him so charming. He warns against great peril for those who would fight the hundred goblins beneath. However, feeling indebted to his rescuers, he offers to do his best to aid the party.
Now the party did not heavily weigh its options, but the party inclines to fight the goblins, as though they were some of the weakest creatures in the universe. They proceed in good spirits toward the goblins, and then they find goblins partying in celebration, for as Mcgregor stated, they were jubilant over slaying two adventurers earlier that day. The party did not hesitate and rather join in the blood feast.
Their numbers are about 24 Goblins
when we enter. We take possession of a small room leading into the larger chamber, and Drogan Steele charges into their midst.
…and then they came
Only a paltry four showed up from the rear, but shortly thereafter, a group of dog-riding goblin cavalry appears also. Arrows flew at the minotaur, Kaz and even their best shots only seemed to scratch him. At one point they pierced his ear, but he fights on. Mcgregor (with nothing but his prison rags and a dagger), Omen I, and Mogh keep the rear of the room intact. Drogan Steele fights as if the goblins were only target dummies and seems completely unafraid. Many goblins thus perish.
…and then they came Goblins
This time a real group of reinforcements appear. Nine of them form a congo line behind the party, blocking the escape route. Mogh enlarges to become a massive barrier and kept healing. Drogan Steele cleaves, Kaz cuts and gores, Mcgregor jabs, Lundos casts sleep spells, and Omen I disburses the magical protection of mage armor to several of his allies. Yet gradually the numbers of the goblins amass against the small room where the party has formed up.
Unbeknownst to the party, there is a prisoner engaged in his own struggle for goblin-mastery in the cells just beyond the main chamber, Corky Goodfella. After enduring multiple cuts, he finally stole his oppressor’s spear and broke the cell door open. However another group of goblins came, and they were comprised of the leadership of the whole clan. Among them was a shamanGoblin shamen, a sorcerer, and the chieftain. They soon menaced the party, but their minions blocked the path of the melee characters to the group. This did not prevent the sorcerer from firing devastating spells at Kaz. Fortunately, it was difficult for him to aim in the chaos of battle. As the battle progressed, our arcane casters began to lose their faculties and resources, our melee characters, their hit points, and our healing began to run low, but we never lost our dignity.
…and then they did not come
Darkness The party seemed to gain the upper hand at time if by no means other than by the psychological effect of gaining morale, for merely to thwart so many challenges was a kind of morale-booster. But eventually, their shaman came within range of us and began his foul prayers to his pagan deity. The negative energy surged and wounded not only us but them also. But there were some hardy fighters among their command, and the attacks wounded us greatly.
…and then they came
Goblins And when things got difficult even more goblins showed up, committing us to the fight, because there seemed to be no retreat. The Minotaur, Kaz fell unconscious; succumbing after enduring more wounds than our healing could mend. With a last gasp he sought to consume a potion, but the kind bull’s fate was sealed, it seemed, when a goblin stabbed him as he sought to drink it. But the cleric, Mogh had one source of healing yet untapped and renewed the hero, and meanwhile Drogan Steele continued to cut at a ferocious rate. In the rear, a combination of efforts gradually whittled away at their numbers. The worst seemed past…
Until the goblin shaman, Goblin shamen eager for the destruction of his foes and content if in life he could kill, called out to his overlord for the power to wound. And a necromantic nullifying power swept the party, knocking the Minotaur, Kaz and the spent wizard, Lundos Terac unconscious.
Then hope was sparked when the prisoner Corky Goodfella, having snuck into the room, charged at the grotesque shaman. But his attack from the shadows could not connect, and the shaman had one ally who had not yet committed to the fight. He charged the hastily armored warrior and gave him a dolorous wound. Even while disaster befell the party, hope still lingered as the sorcerer and chieftain met their deaths, and the armored warriors among the goblins began to diminish. But the party had insurmountable challenges, it seemed. The shaman still had more death to deal.
At last the party cleared out all but the shaman, who finally channeled negative energy which slew the Minotaur Kaz, wizard Lundos Terac, and Corky Goodfella. The shaman also succeeded in causing attrition to affect his own clan while rendering the entire party unconscious, with one exception, Mcgregor . After he survived the wave of negative energy, he charged at the shaman and killed him.

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Session 02 Expanded

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