Session 01 Expanded

Session 01:
The Beginning

26th day of Wealsun CY 621

Location: ChatholdWorld Map
Map Tab Color: Red

As our adventure opens, our four characters are entering a town which is hosting a major festival. Our hardy heroes quickly learn that there are three options for lodging and each establishment has a different price bracket and amenities. The amenities of the one by the docks would include over-confident orcs and a tuskerphile bartender. The vengeful and confident lieutenant Drogan Steele and weakling, bitter mage Raistlin will meet at the orc-ridden bar and soon begin a friendship based on hatred of all things orcish.
While they are in the middle of arranging a beat down on the orc staff in the tavern, a large minotaur Kormyn Blightkin enters the inn and for a moment everyone pauses and looks at the door. For what seems like a full minute, no one moves and then a voice is heard at the front, “That will be two silver to enter” and somewhere else, “Freak!” rings out and people chuckle and go back to their piss-water ale. After some commotion, everyone stops what they are doing to watch the horn-headed visitor, only to hear him clearly announce, “I shall suffer no orc…to LIVE!”.
As if on cue, multiple large burly green fellows make their way through the crowd with the skill, tactics, and lack of subterfuge that only brash orcs exhibit. Raistlin and Drogan Steele moves to help Kormyn Blightkin dispatch the green fellows. The bartender levels a crossbow at Kormyn Blightkin, but is quickly dispatched by a brooding, aloof dwarf, Mogh via a throwing axe to the chest. One by one the orcs are killed. In the confusion of the skirmish, the patrons (a collection scum and villainy) help themselves to free drinks – perhaps to assuage their agony over the lost orcs! Raistlin moves to the bartender to tend to his wounds and pocketbook. Kormyn Blightkin and Drogan Steele discuss how to find any remaining orcs.

After a short while, they determined that there were no more orcs in the building. Raistlin ran the bar, Kormyn Blightkin worked the door, and Drogan Steele watched the crowd. After a few hours, the group went back to the same inn for the night’s rest. In the morning, Raistlin arranged to pay for the stay of Drogan Steele and Kormyn Blightkin at the Inn and in doing so, he runs into a dog-befriending bowman Victor Darkchild.

There follows some discussion about a rumor of the nefarious Mcgregor character who has a history of disturbing the peace, sleeping with royal maidens, and otherwise embarrassing decent folk. Through this conversation, a loose partnership forms, though the objectives of the group were as yet undetermined.
It soon became clear that the owner of the inn took pleasure in watching Kormyn Blightkin do manual labor. Kormyn Blightkin was breaking rocks per an arrangement to pay for meals, the owner of the inn pulled up a chair and began heckling, and a crowd formed to watch the beast work. As things were progressing, Drogan Steele was perturbed by this, so when he comes to the scene, he orders Kormyn Blightkin to stop doing this. A monetary agreement is reached so that Kormyn Blightkin would not continue. The two groups split, but in a heart-felt scene, the owner’s daughter was smitten with Kormyn Blightkin when he took his shirt off and revealed his large barrel-chest.
While this took place, Raistlin and Victor Darkchild were shopping and handling other mundane tasks. Raistlin ran into a magic-user at the magic shop and struck up a conversation. The magic-user took kindly to his interests and promised not only to sell some wares at a great price but also to drop Raistlin’s name to the noble looking for someone to apprehend Mcgregor .
Raistlin returns to the inn and shortly thereafter a dainty and overly-perfumed page, topped by floppy hat, hands over a scroll which invites the party to meet with the noble lord to discuss capture of the outlaw. The group attends this meeting, but this one passes fairly uneventfully. It is explained that there is a bad man that needs to be captured alive because he has slept with a noble daughter. The last whereabouts of Mcgregor are thought to be in the direction of some goblin holes nearby. The group debates the ethics and morals of whether it is our duty to capture someone who has slept with a lady and whether or not we need to hear his side. In the end, the morality of money drives the party to seek out a goblin hole.

The loot and money, and possible potential for finding the outlaw were all the party needed to move on. The local woodsman and marksman, Victor Darkchild, was given a map of the area which (after some difficulty reading) got us to Goblin Hole #37. And so it was that our adventurers found themselves in front of a dirty, dank, overgrown goblin hole (think opposite of hobbit hole). Determining the best order to descend into the depths, they entered single file with the large beast man bringing up the rear.
Shortly after moving inside, Victor Darkchild proves that although the business-end of a map had given him trouble, he is the man when in a dungeon. Victor Darkchild uncovers a pit trap only yards inside the opening tunnel. The party is able to circumvent the trap and moves into what was a four-way intersection. The two sides are partially walled up with broken stone and dirt. Our hardy band moves into a small antechamber and suddenly, Victor Darkchild hears the noise of goblins scrambling! The goblins apparently noticed the party at the same time.

What happened next can only be one of the greatest battles in level 1 history. Initially, the party was working its way through two goblins. That seemed like an appropriate challenge for them. But it didn’t end there. We will never know if it was the sound of combat, the smell of filthy mud-bloods, the lure of level 1 character loot, or that fact that the first goblin Victor Darkchild slew with an arrow was the queen goblin, but right away more goblins came to the fight.

It didn’t take long for the goblins to number as many as the party, and then they begin to move to outflank the party. Kormyn Blightkin, Victor Darkchild, Victor Darkchild’s dog, and Drogan Steele form a triangle and begin to cut down our foes. Raistlin moves back to the entrance and prepares to lay down a spell if the party evacuates. During a thunderstorm of goblins, the clouds open up to drop even more rain. The goblins numbers double. Victor Darkchild’s dog seems to rage and delight in goblin meat as it fights tooth and claw against them. Kormyn Blightkin channels the powers of his god to heal his allies and Victor Darkchild and Drogan Steele secure the rear flank. Many goblins have fallen. Goblins – known to be horde-like at times – proved true to their reputation.
Goblins Thus more goblins pored into the cave through the various crevices. It soon becomes apparent that goblins now outnumbered the party 2 to 1 even though the party has killed many goblins. The battle rages on and the goblins fall in a rhythmic beat. The party’s resources, hit points, and spells diminish, but their resolution does not.
And then they came…
It was as though all the tribes of the goblin empire descended upon our heroes. The goblins now outnumbered them 4 to 1, yet we still held fast, except for Raistlin, who had taken refuge at the entrance to the cave and was picking off goblins as opportunity presented itself.
And then they came… Goblins
It was if the very walls of the cave belched goblins. Goblins now swamped the party on all sides. Strategic moves by the party only seemed to buy moments. Each time a goblin was dispatched, two more moved in to take his spot. It was at this point that the party’s numbers took a hit. Victor Darkchild, Kormyn Blightkin, and even the fearless dog all fell. Each of these combatants bore numerous wounds from the blades and arrows of the goblins.
And then they came
Goblins Drogan Steele was left inside the cave entrance and the mage was outside. Trying to coordinate an escape with magic and sword, Drogan Steele slowly moved through the goblins to the entrance stepping over goblin after goblin. Some were stunned, some were asleep, but most bore a fatal wound from one of the party’s weapons. Drogan Steele finally only had one goblin between him and the light of the sun. With a swift move and a full withdrawal, he was able to escape with 1 hit point.
And so it was that this summary was written…so the world will know that free men (and bull) stood against a tyrant (and his 37 brothers), that few stood against many, and before this battle was over, even a goblin can bleed.

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Session 01 Expanded

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