Jevenite Longsword

weapon (melee)

Jevenite sword

Price: 20,360 GP, Strong Necromancy

+3 Longsword

Jevenite is a rare ore native to the Nine Hells. It is very difficult to work (+2,000gp to enchant)

When made into a weapon it is noted for the vicious wounds it inflicts. A Jevenite weapon acts as both a Vicious and Wounding weapon and has a powerful necromantic anticoagulant effect that impedes currative magic.

A Jevenite weapon deals 1 point of bleed damage when it hits a creature. Multiple hits from a Jevenite weapon increase the bleed damage. Bleeding creatures take the bleed damage at the start of their turns. Bleeding can be stopped by a DC 20 Heal check or through the successful application of any spell that cures hit point damage DC 20 Caster Level Check. A critical hit does not multiply the bleed damage dealt by this weapon. Creatures immune to critical hits are immune to the damage. When a A Jevenite weapon strikes an opponent, it creates a flash of disruptive energy that resonates between the opponent and the wielder. This energy deals an extra 2d6 points of damage to the opponent and 1d6 points of damage to the wielder.

Crafting: Caster Level 9, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Bleed, Vampiric Touch, Cost: 10,180 GP

Making Jevenite Weapons and Armor

A Jevenite weapon only has it’s necromantic abilities in relation to melee weapons. Missile Weapons made from Jevenite have no different effect from a normal missile weapon of its kind.

HP/inch: 15
Hardness: 12
Cost Weapons: x4 normal. Add magic enhancement +2,000 gp + special.
Cost Weapons:(Longer Wording) "Weapons made of Jevenite cost four as much to make as their normal counterparts. Weapons or armors fashioned from Jevenite are always masterwork items as well; the masterwork cost is included in the prices given below.
Weight: Normal

Adding any magical enhancements to Jevenite weapons or armor increases its price by 2,000 gp. This increase is applied the first time the item is enhanced, not once per ability added. A double weapon with one Jevenite half costs 200% more than normal. In order to fully activate the necromantic abilities of a Jevenite weapon, it must be used to kill a living creature within 1 hour of it’s creation.

Jevenite Armor

Type of Jevenite Armor Armor Cost Modifier
Light armor +1,000 gp
Medium armor +4,000 gp
Heavy armor +9,000 gp
Shield +1,000 gp

Armor made Jevenite grants the wearer Channel Resistance. The wearer may add the armor’s enhancement bonus to any Will saves made to halve the damage and resist the effect of Positive Channeled Energy.



The Iillithid that tried to kill Rathan wielded a Jevenite Longsword.

Jevenite Longsword

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