Codpiece of Tar Bolen

Only a massive Orc could truly fill this


Price: 7,600 GP, Moderate Transmutation

This mighty codpiece is made for any creature size large or bigger. If a medium or smaller creature wishes to wear it without penalty, they must have a Comeliness score of 17 or higher. Creatures not meeting this requirement take a -5’ movement penalty.

After this codpiece has been worn for 24 hours, it grants the wearer a + 4 circumstance bonus on diplomacy checks to persuade the opposite sex. In addition, the self-confidence from wearing this piece also grants a + 1 to armor class (profane).

This protection provides heavy fortification to critical hits inflicted upon the groin.

Crafting: Caster Level 9, Craft Wondrous, Enlarge Person, Warp Wood, Cost: 3,800 GP