Few balor lords have achieved the notoriety and power of The Scourage of Heaven, Ungrakkus The Despoiler, even though it has been centuries since the balor lord was lost shortly after the battle of Pesh. Indeed, it was this notoriety that compelled Mishka the Wolf-Spyder to seek the balor’s aid, over 56 centuries ago, in the destruction of Eremiel, one of the original seven Arch-Solars.

Mishka the Wolf-Spyder lured Eremiel to the prime plane for a secret parlay that was suppose brooker peace between The Choas Queen and the Vaati. Unbeknownest to Eremiel, her second; a charismatic angel by the name of Amesha, whom Eremiel trusted to make the arrangements of the meet; betrayed Eremiel and arranged the meet on unhallowed ground, damping her mistresses ability to use her powers as the Arch-Solar of Purity and there Eremiel, was ambushed by Mishka and Ungrakkus.

Mishka simply wanted Eremiel destroyed but Ungrakkus wanted her disgraced and br

many believed that the time of the mighty balor lord had passed forever. Yet Ungrakkus still lives, and even now the last few of his still-loyal minions toil in far corners of the

Ungrakkus is still a formidable foe, and the Scourge of Heaven is one of the few of his kind
to possess multiple unique balor lord powers. Ungrakkus earned his appellation for his countless successful raids against the fortresses of Heaven itself. Some demonologists
maintain that

Ungrakkus requires the sacrifice of nothing less than a planetar (minimum CR of i8) when conjured-the murder of the planetar must be performed by the conjurer in Ungrakkus’s presence, and the angel must be conscious when the murder is performed. It’s a DC 35 Knowledge Planes check to research Ungrakkus, but as long as he remains imprisoned

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