Kormyn Blightkin


Dragonlance minotaur 0HD, Fighter (P) / Cleric (P) 1st
Large Monstrous Humanoid
Alignment: None [Hieronious]
Hit Dice: 0d10, 1d10+1 (14 hp)
Initiative: +0
Speed: 20' (4 sq) (light enc.)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./10 ft.

AC: 18 (+5 Armor, +2 Shield, -1 Size, +2 Natural Armor), Touch 9, Flat-Footed 18

Saves: Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +5

Abilities: Str 19, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 9

Base Att/CMB/CMD: +1 / +6 / 16

Single Attack:

Warhammer: +4 melee (2d6+4/20/x3)
Greataxe: +4 melee (3d6+6/20/x3)
Gore: +4 melee (2d6+4/20)

Full Attack:

Warhammer: +4 melee (2d6+4/20/x3)
Greataxe: +4 melee (3d6+6/20/x3)
Gore: +4 melee (2d6+4/20)

==| FEATS |==
Toughness, Endurance.

==| SKILLS |==
Acrobatics -6-4, Appraise +1, Bluff -1, Climb -2, Diplomacy -1, Disguise -1, 
Escape Art -6, Fly -6, Heal +3, Intimidate +3, Perception +3, Ride -6, 
Sense Mot +7, Stealth -10, Survival +3, Swim -2+4, Kn:Religion +5.

==| Languages (x2) |==
Common, Kothian

Spells per Day: (3/2+1; save DC 13+spell level): 

Level 0 - Detect Magic, Resistance, Virtue. 

Level 1 - Bless, Shield of Faith.

==| Racial Traits: Dragonlance minotaur |==
+2 bonus to Intinidate, Use Rope and Swim checks
Gore: a Minotaur may use his horns as a natural weapon to make a gore attack.  
Deals D6 danage plus strength.  Deals 2d6 damage and 1and 1 half times strength 
when charging.  May use horns to make a second attack while in melee, with the 
-5 penalty and half strength to .  
Automatic languages: Common and Kothian
Bonus Languages: Nordmaaran, Kalinese, Ogre and Saifhum
May take the Scent special quality as a feat
+2 Natural bonus to AC
Favored Class: Fighter

==| Class Features: Fighter (P) 1st |==
1x bonus combat feat

==| Class Features: Cleric (P) 1st |==
Concentration check: 1d20+4
Cannot cast spells of opposed alignment
Spontaneous Casting: Replace spell by a healing spell, unprepared (same lvl)
Orisons (Sp): Cast prepared 0-level spells at will
Channel Energy (Su): Wave of positive energy in a 30' burst:
      • 2/day   < OO >
      • 1d6 damage to Undead; Will DC9 for ½ damage
      • OR 1d6 points of healing to living creatures

==| Law Domain (P) |==
Touch of Law (Sp): 6/day   < OOOOOO >
   As a std action, you can touch a creature, giving it the ability to treat 
all d20 rolls for 1 round as if the result was an 11

==| War Domain (P) |==
Battle Rage (Sp): 6/day   < OOOOOO >
   As a std action, you can touch a creature to give it a +1 bonus to melee damage 
for 1 round

==|  Conditional Bonus - Feats  |==
+4 to Swim checks made to resist nonlethal damage [Endurance]
+4 to CON to continue running, avoid NL-Dmg from forced march [Endurance]
+4 to CON to hold breath, avoid NL-Dmg from starvation or thirst [Endurance]
+4 Fort to avoid NL-Dmg from hot/cold env., and resist suffocation [Endurance]

==|  Conditional Bonus - Dragonlance minotaur Race  |==
+2 to swim, intimidate, use rope

==|  Conditional Skill and Synergies  |==
-4 on Acrobatics checks made to jump [Base Speed]

ARMOR WORN: Scale Mail Armor.
SHIELD: Heavy Wooden Shield.
Backpack, 4xRations, Wooden Holy Symbol, Traveler's Outfit, Greataxe, 

==| MONEY |==
Platinum:0   Gold:12   Silver:0   Copper:0.

107 gp.


Amoungst the first generation of Krynn minotaurs born on Oerth, Kormyn embraced the native diety Heironious and left New Taladas to serve his adopted diety. Kormyn served in the Ket region during the mandatory military service all priests, warriors and paladins of Heironious must serve, during this time he developed a dislike of Orc’s.

When his service time was up; Kormyn was granted leave to seek the path of Heironious and he set out on the road to fight evil and find adventure.