Feris Silverbow

Archer Extraordinaire

Human (P), Fighter (P) 5th, Sorcerer (P) 3rd, Rogue (P) 2nd
Medium Humanoid (Human) with 153,914 XP
Alignment: Neutral [Solonor Thelandira]
Hit Dice: 5d10+15, 3d6+9, 2d8+6 (113 hp)
Initiative: +5
Speed:	 30' (6 sq) (light enc.)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.

AC:  23 (+6 Armor, +5 Dex, +1 Natural Armor, +1 Deflection), Touch 16, 
Flat-Footed 18				

Saves:	Fort +10, Ref +13, Will +8
Abilities: Str 18, Dex 20, Con 16, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 14	

Base Att/CMB/CMD:  +7 / +11 / 27

Single Attack:									
Composite Longbow (+4 Str): +16 ranged (1d8+8/20/x3)																								
Scimitar: +11 melee (1d6+4/18-20)																								
Dagger: +11 melee (1d4+4/19-20)																	

Full Attack:									
Composite Longbow (+4 Str): +16/+11 ranged (1d8+8/20/x3)																								
Scimitar: +11/+6 melee (1d6+4/18-20)																								
Dagger: +11/+6 melee (1d4+4/19-20)																	

────┤ FEATS ├────
Deft Dodger Trait, Wpn Focus: Longbow, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, 
Wpn Specialization: Longbow, Rapid Shot, Manyshot, Toughness, 
Point Blank Master: Longbow, Deadly Aim, Leadership, Eschew Materials.

────┤ SKILLS ├────
Acrobatics +10, Appraise -1, Bluff +10, Climb +8, Cr:Bow +10, Diplomacy +8, 
Disguise +2, Escape Art +5, Fly +5, Heal +3, Intimidate +2, Perception +14+1, 
Ride +5, Sense Mot +2, Spellcraft +5, Stealth +10, Survival +2, Swim +4, 
Use Mag Dev +7.

────┤ SORCERER (P) SPELLS ├────
Spells per Day: (∞/6; save DC 12+spell level): 
Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Message, Read Magic. Gravity Bow, 
True Strike, Identify, Vanish.
────┤ Racial Traits: Human (P) ├────
Bonus Feat: One extra feat at Level #1
Skilled: Gain 1 extra skill point at each level

────┤ Class Features: Fighter (P) 5th ├────
3x bonus combat feat
Armor Training (Ex): Current armor is a Mithril Shirt +2
    • No speed reduction for a Medium Armor
    • Reduce the Armor Check penalty by 0
    • +1 to the Maximum DEX bonus of the armor
Weapon Training (Ex): 
    • Group #1: +1 att/dmg/CMB/CMD with the 'Bows' group

────┤ Class Features: Sorcerer (P) 3rd ├────
Concentration check: 1d20+5
Cantrips: You can cast your Cantrips at will
Bonus Feat: Eschew Materials
Sorcerer Bloodline: Arcane
    • Class Skill: Knowledge: Nature-p
    • Bloodline Arcana: Whenever you use a metamagic feat that increases
        the slot used, increase the spell DC by +1
    • Bonus Spells Known: identify (3rd)
    • Arcane Bond (Su): Powerful bond with your <name>
    • Metamagic Adept (Ex): 1/day, apply any one Metamagic feat you know to
        a spell you are about to cast without increasing the casting time. You
        must still expend a higher-level spell slot to cast this spell

────┤ Class Features: Rogue (P) 2nd ├────
Sneak Attack: +1d6 damage
Evasion (Ex): Take no damage on successful Reflex save
Rogue Talents: 1x talent available.  *: Affects sneak att, max. one per sneak
    • Combat Trick: Gain the Deadly Aim combat feat

────┤  Conditional Bonus - Fighter (P) Class  ├────
+1 bonus on Will saves against fear [Bravery]

────┤  Conditional Bonus - Rogue (P) Class  ├────
+1 to Perception to locate Traps [Trapfinding]
+1 to Disable Device versus Traps [Trapfinding]

────┤ Language (x1) ├────

────┤ Description for the Magical Items Worn ├────
Amulet of Natural Armor +1: +1 enhancement bonus to natural armor
Handy Haversack: Backpack similar to a Bag of Holding
Ring of Protection +1: +1 deflection bonus to armor class
Belt of Physical Might DEX/STR +2: +2 enhancement bonus to Dexterity and Strength
Cloak of Resistance +2: +2 resistance bonus on all saves
Bracers of Archery, Lesser (proficient): +1 comp. bonus on attack with any bows

────┤ EQUIPMENT ├────
ARMOR WORN: Mithril Shirt +2.
Composite Longbow (+4 Str), Dagger, Scimitar, Efficient Quiver, 
86xArrow 58xBlunt Arrow 20xArrow (Silver) 20xBlunt Arrow (Silver) 
20xCold Iron Arrow 20xCold Iron Blunt Arrow Potion Belt, 2xPotion of CMW, 
Potion of Invisibility, Potion of CSW, Potion of Fly, Masterwork Artisan's Tools, Hemp Rope, 
Twine (50'), Bedroll, Blanket, Sack, 3xOil, Flint and Steel, Trail Rations, 
Waterskin, Hooded Lantern

Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Handy Haversack
Ring of Protection +1
Belt of Physical Might DEX/STR +2
Cloak of Resistance +2
Bracers of Archery, Lesser (proficient)

────┤ MONEY ├────
Platinum:0   Gold:452   Silver:1   Copper:3.

35,587 gp.					

Mathew Feris Silverbow, preferring to go by Feris, was the second son born to Edward Damodred Silverbow and Moraine Renoux in the Free City of Greyhawk. His parents ran a merchant shop in the city that provided them a respectable stand of living, with none of them left wanting. Feris and his brother, Adrian Maeglin, got along fairly well, despite their having vastly different interests. Adrian took an interest in more intellectual and mercantile of skills, spending his time assisting his father in the shop. Feris on the other hand, took an interest in more outdoorsy pursuits, spending his time hunting and exploring outside the city.

During this time the two learned much from various tutors that their father had acquired for them. Edward and Moraine worried about Feris’ safety while exploring outdoors, so they sought someone to keep Feris safe. After some looking, they found an orphan child named Sven, who was eager to have the security the money would allow. Feris, who at first was very put off by Sven’s appearance, found Sven to be a capable protector and friend.

Shortly after turning 19, Feris, who was now a fair shot with a bow and wanting to see more of the world, decided to join his father’s caravan guard, where he got to put to use the skills that he had learned playing in the woods around Greyhawk. While Feris loved the freedom that he got for this position, while Edward loved that he could finally fully trust a member of his guard.

Feris continued to work on the caravans, guarding his family’s investments and returns and exploring the country sides and towns. During this time, Feris’ skills quickly stood out as far and away better than those of the other guards, gaining him their respect and the position of head guard.

Recently the family and other lesser merchant houses, got a large order of supplies to be shipped to several towns to the west, ending in a town called Desolace.
The family pulled together much of their gold in order to purchase the supplies that were required as well as to sufficiently equip Feris, Sven and a few other guards. Once ready, the caravan slowly made its way toward Desolace with little difficulties, until it was close to 2 days away.

The caravan, having stopped for the evening, was preparing the day’s meal when the sounds of movement were heard off in the distance. As the guards and drivers prepared for what they thought were the usual brigands and bandits, they quickly discovered how wrong they were as monstrous beings stepped into the dwindling light.

After a brief fight against overwhelming numbers, Feris and the others had no choice but to flee. Several of the drivers attempted to flee on their wagons, but the monsters quickly caught up with these wagons, killing those inside. Only through the use of all the guards skills and a large amount of luck, did Feris, Sven, and a few others managed to escape. Feris and the others made their way to the nearest town, where they encountered those of the
Hieronious and Pelorian orders, who informed them of what was occurring in the area and escorted them to Desolace.