Coryn Lightborn

an eager advancer of narrative content


Human (P), Bard (P) 15th
Medium Humanoid (Human)
Alignment: Chaotic Good [Pelor]
Hit Dice: 15d8+15 (84 hp)
Initiative: +2
Speed: 30' (6 sq) (light enc.)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.

AC: 27 (+7 Armor, +4 Shield, +2 Dex, +2 Natural Armor, +2 Deflection), Touch 14, 
Flat-Footed 25

Saves: Fort +9, Ref +14, Will +13

Abilities: Str 14, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 12, Cha 26

Base Att/CMB/CMD: +11 / +13 / 27

Single Attack:
Whip +1 Deadly, Dispelling: +14 melee (1d3+3/20)
Shortbow +1, Designating(Greater): +14 ranged (1d6+1/20/x3)

Full Attack:
Whip +1 Deadly, Dispelling: +14/+9/+4 melee (1d3+3/20)
Shortbow +1, Designating(Greater): +14/+9/+4 ranged (1d6+1/20/x3)

==| FEATS |==
Point Blank Shot, Arcane Strike, Craft Wondrous Item, Reach Spell, Additional Traits,
Discordant Voice, Forge Ring, Gifted Adept Trait, Magical Lineage Trait,
Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Precise Shot.

==| SKILLS |==
Acrobatics +2, Appraise +7, Bluff +8, Climb +6, Diplomacy +8, Disable Dev +19, 
Disguise +8,Escape Art +2, Fly +2, Heal +2, Intimidate +8, Linguistics +21, 
Perception +19, Ride +3,Sense Mot +1, Spellcraft +21, Stealth +20, Survival +1, Swim +3, 
Use Mag Dev +15,Perf:Oratory +26, Perf:Act +16, Perf:Comedy +26, Perf:Dance +16, 
Kn:Arcana +14, Kn:Dungeon +14, Kn:Eng +14, Kn:Geo +14, Kn:History +14, 
Kn:Local +14, Kn:Nature +14, Kn:Nobility +14, Kn:Planes +14, Kn:Psionics +14, 
Kn:Religion +14, Cr:Alchemy +3, Cr:Wpnsmith +23.

==| BARD (P) SPELLS |==
Spells per Day: (8/7/12/7/6/4; save DC 18+spell level): 

Level 0 - Detect Magic, Flare, Know Direction, Light, Lullaby, Message, 
Read Magic, Resistance, Spark, 

Level 1 - Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Ear-Piercing Scream, 
Feather Fall, Hideous Laughter, Touch of Gracelessness, Undetectable Alignment, Vanish,

Level 2 - Acute Senses, Blindness/Deafness, Blur, Cure Moderate Wounds, Glitterdust, 
Hold Person, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Sound Burst, 

Level 3 - Arcane Concordance, Blink, Charm Monster, Confusion, Dispel Magic, Glibness, 
Haste, Jester's Jaunt, 

Level 4 - Break Enchantment, Cure Critical Wounds, Dimension Door, Echolocation, 
Freedom of Movement, Hold Monster, Sonic Thrust, 

Level 5 - Bard's Escape, Cloak of Dreams, Heroism (Greater), Shadow Evocation.

==| Languages (x18) |==
Common, Elvish, Orcish, Draconic, Dwarven, Gnomish, Halfling, Old Oerridian, 
Undercommon, Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, Sylvan, Goblin, Giant, Ignan, Auran

==| Racial Traits: Human (P) |==
Bard favored class: bonus spell known: 3xCantrips  3x1st  3x2nd  3x3rd  3x4th  
Bonus Feat: One extra feat at Level #1
Skilled: Gain 1 extra skill point at each level

==| Class Features: Bard (P) 15th |==
Concentration check: 1d20+25
Cantrips: You can cast your Cantrips at will
Bardic Knowledge: +7 to all knowledge skills. Make any Knowledge checks untrained
Versatile Performance (Ex): Substitute skill check by a performance check:
   • Comedy (Bluff, Intimidate)
   • Oratory (Diplomacy, Sense Motive)
   • Dance (Acrobatics, Fly)
   • Act (Bluff, Disguise)
Lore Master (Ex): Can take 10 on any Knowledge skill that has at least 1 rank
   • 2/Day, take 20 on any Knowledge skill check as a std acion   < OO >
Jack of All Trades (Ex): Use any skills, even if skill requires training
Bardic Performance: requires a swift action to initiate: 
   • Rounds per day: 40
   • Countersong (Su): Counters magic that depend on sound (max. 30')
   • Distraction (Su): Counters magic that depend on sight (max: 30')
   • Fascinate (Su): Up to 6 creatures (max: 90') Will DC25
   • Inspire Courage (Su): 
      · +3 morale bonus on attacks & weapon damage
      · +3 on saves vs charm & fear effects
   • Inspire Competence (Su): Ally gets +5 on skill check (max: 30')
   • Suggestion (Sp): as the spell, vs 1 fascinated creature; Will DC25
   • Dirge of Doom (Su): Enemies become shaken (max: 30'). Persists as long as you play, and the creature is within 30'
   • Inspire Greatness (Su): 3x Targets, +2d10 HD, +2 atk, +1 Fort (max: 30')
   • Soothing Performance (Su): Similar to Mass CSW, CL15 (4 rnds, 30'). Removes fatigued, sickened, and shakened conditions
   • Frightening Tune (Sp): Frightens creatures within 30', Will DC25. Lasts as long as the target can hear your performance
   • Inspire Heroics (Su): 1x Targets, +4 vs Saves, +4 AC (max: 30')

==|  Conditional Bonus - Bard (P) Class  |==
+4 on Saves vs Bardic Performances, sonic & language effects [Well-Versed]

Gifted Adept Trait: Dispel Magic as CL+1
Magical Lineage: Use Metamagic on Touch of Gracelessness

ARMOR WORN: Mithral Shirt +3 Benev., Determ..
SHIELD: Mithral Buckler.
Handy Haversack, Masterwork Thieves' Tools, Efficient Quiver, 60xArrow 
440xArrow Elixir of Teleportation, Masterwork Artisan's Tools

Cloak of Charisma +4
Necklace of Personal Composure
Tunic of Careful Casting & Wisdom +2
Gloves of Arcane Striking & Intelligence +2
Tremor Boots
Ring of Wizardry II (Bard)
Ring of Protection +2 & Sustenance
Belt of Physical Perfection +2
Cloak of Resistance +3
Amulet of Natural Armor +2
Brooch of Shielding

==| MONEY |==
Platinum:730   Gold:98   Silver:9   Copper:10.

210,869 gp.

Add Whip +1 Deadly, Dispelling to the Carried Gear section (BACK worksheet)
Add Shortbow +1, Designating(Greater) to the Carried Gear section (BACK worksheet)


Coryn Lightborn grew up as the thirteenth of fifteen children in a quite large and influential family from Dyvers. His mother and father were very loving, intelligent, and kind. He had almost all of the amenities of life provided for him. His parents proved pious followers of Pelor and provided a wonderful childhood for Coryn and his many siblings. His father was a merchant who dealt in magical items and resources, and his mother was a talented daughter of a noble family from the region. Although they are not as high on the social scale as nobility, the combination of wealth and noble blood allows them the advantage of moving in many circles. Moreover, the reputation for talented performers, magic-users, and persuasive but intelligent businessmen garners them begrudging but amiable respect.

Because the Lightborns were, indeed, a pious family, they sent Coryn to the temple of Pelor for studies and upbringing in the Pelorian faith. It was soon realized that although he was a fairly intelligent boy, his potential for learning and knowledge were not as great as his endearing qualities and good taste. At times he even seemed to foolishly drift into contemplating an overarching music or song to the universe, which were tolerable but unwelcome deviations from the standard approach of the professors.

However, he met with enough support to be directed to the College of the Unsung, a bardic college founded by the gnome Floganor, who it was rumored had met and conversed with many fey creatures and underground folk. He was a refined master of many arts, but his quirks and oddity lent themselves well to Coryn’s idiosyncrasies. And so he came to study the primary art, the art of narrative. From narration the foreground stabilizes and motion is fully realized. And Coryn was thus taught not just an idea but a way of life involving total commitment to a mere pattern of communication, in which he was to seek the beauty defining the appearance of things and present it in a noble fashion. One further step technicality was required by Floganor, who stubbornly said: “None can represent experience for others without speaking from the voice of his own experiences and representations unto himself. Before you can narrate you must enter into your own story and participate, absorb and experience, and in this way you will become an unsung bard, and what you have heard in the story of your life you may convey in the story you seek to tell by first admitting that you are a part of the true story. Your own life, therefore, is nothing more than a brainstorming process for communicating the greater story and beauty you recognize. Go, therefore, and journey long ere you cease and pass into the telling stage of your song.”

After these words, Floganor literally disappeared from Coryn’s sight. Since then, he has spent his time in many adventures, at times defending the kings and justice, at other times helping the poor and saving the lost, sometimes entering into dastardly environments under disguise as a thug or rogue, other times scouting lands for the seeds of potential adventure. In passing through Keoland, rumors greeted his ears of great warriors, mystical priests, and powerful mages, striving against a host of never-before seen enemies enslaving the land. He is inspired, if possible, to be a part of a story that will shape his understanding of the world around him.