Campaign of the Month: September 2012

A Manifestation of Chaos

An Eye in the Balls

Session 54:
An Eye in the Balls

18th Day of Planting CY 623

Summary: After beating the treemen, the heroes discover a not so derelict temple of Demogorgon.
They enter and are confronted by some angry cyclops, who play the hardest ball of all.
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We Trolls sat together in an old guardroom
And waited to bring adventurer’s their doom;
Orders had they to kill all who come through,
It not matter if they are; big, small or blue .
Creul! Slew!
After we kill ya we’ll grind their bones into stew,

Up came adventures with their magical gear on.
Started killing poor trolls one after one
Then one o’em started up a spell,
I lay me ax on em so it would fail.
Yell! Flail!
Even troll know, if you cast defensively you won’t lose spell

An Eye in the Balls

By my calculation, the party overused their resources by 66.7%. By designing better characters and working together, this encounter could have been beaten within three rounds by level ten characters. Look for my upcoming class guides for Pathfinder. I can help you build OP characters that will stump the GM every time. Cheers!

An Eye in the Balls

Well as a min/maxer, I certainly agree that the encounter could have been handled better from an allocation of resources standpoint, but your estimate on three rounds with Lv 10 characters, well let’s just chalk that up to you may not be aware of all the facts of that encounter.

8 Trolls with 2 Lv of Barbarian – 98 hp when raging
2 Trolls with 4 Lv of Barbarian – 126 hp when raging
1 Troll with 9 Lv of Barbarian – 172 hp when raging

2 Fire Giants – HP’s 171 and 163

1 Lich (Lv 12 Sorcerer) -Hp 118

And the area they were in had was unhollowed with a protection of fire effect attached to it. The Trolls were hasted and had drunk potions of acid resistance. The Fire Giants had drunk potions of Cat’s grace, the lich had a number of active spell effects (don’t want to say cause he got away).

In any advent, I am glad you enjoy our campaign. I like to engage in character build / tactical discussions so I would defintely be interested in perusing your class guides. I also really like the your Screename.



An Eye in the Balls

And keep in mind MM – we play in a cold, harsh world in general. Look forward to providing feedback on your guide(s).

An Eye in the Balls

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